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URGENT- need help with lien release question

I am doing Deel in Lieu and need Lien release on my second mortgage. I had taken this mortgage from citibank in 2005 and paid off in 2006. I do not have any papers on this right now. Citibank sold it to lasalle . Then laSalle was bought by bank of america. So I called citibank for my lien relese , they told me to call bank of america. Bank of america now wants me to call citibank.Who would have my lien release bank of america or citibank? Since its purged account, I have to do everything with fax and each answer from the bank takes 2-3 weeks.

I am looking to buy in Florida, 25%-50% loan possibilities?

I want to buy a property of around 150k, house or condo in Florida to rent out, I can pay cash but I would like to use some leverage. Can I get a 25 or 50% loan? payment will be about half the rental income so I can definitely pay it every month. I have a great credit score, and have another rental property with a mortgage of 235k in Califonia. My yearly income is 110k.Any help will be appreciated.

Loan Modification Pro Obligated to Properly Pursue it?

Hi all,Well, I have been pestering everyone with questions about this important issue, and have gratefully received everyone's kind assistance. It has now become pretty clear, and I will act on a decision next week. My last question revolves around this: I assume that someone with a real estate license is obligated to properly pursue a loan modification if they agree to it because the client wants it, is that right? I get the feeling a short sale is more profitable to the person whom I am about to take on to represent me, and wonder whether he may not pursue a loan mod to its fullest extent, hoping it won't go through so that I go for a short sale which he can profit more from . . . I guess that is the gist of my question at this point.Now, if it turns out that I am better off short selling, in spite of my feelings to the contrary because there are sentimental reasons for wanting to keep the place, well, I am open to that, but I do want to give that loan modification my all and make sure that everything that can be done within reason is done. So, if a licensed real estate pro takes on a loan mod, he or she is obligated to properly pursue it, is that right?Once again, thank you all, it is comforting to know there are folks here who help people like me.

Loan Modification - DIY or go with a Pro?

Hi everyone,Ok, I have an investment property, rented out yet costing me money every month, very far under water with BofA, want to keep the place if possible though, and am now faced with the decision: do it myself or go with a pro. It seems obvious in a way, of course, go with someone who knows what he (in this case) is doing, but I am sure there might be a trade off in there someplace. A reputable real estate professional has offered to represent me before BofA, for no money upfront or later, said the bank will pay for it. I don't doubt the man's integrity, the question is, what is the catch? almost sounds too good to be true. What are the drawbacks? Is there the possibility that the bank does not like people who are represented by a pro and therefore it lessens my chances of getting that modification? I just feel that there are probably drawbacks and, if so, I would like to know what those are before I make a decision.A short sale in the event that the loan modification does not work is on the table. Could the person maybe secretly prefer a short sale because it might be more profitable for him? I don't mind people earning a living, but I do want to know whether that is a possibility. All about pros and cons this is.I thank you all for your help, and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Loan Modification Worth it BofA?

The value of the rental property is $130k, loan is $235k, bought for $340k in 2005. I have about 200k cash in the bank ... I can show my income as $2000 a month since I run my own small business. Based on the income I can show hardship for a investment property which is at $800/month negative cash flow. Do I qualify for hardship if you take the cash in the bank out of picture? Just based on the monthly cash flow, I can not make $800 extra payment in rental property while paying for my rent, health insurance etc etc.  Would be it be worth it to pursue a loan modification with The Bank of America?