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Is it too late to put my condo on the market (Boston area) for the fall season?


Hello Toraziyal,the answer is no (specially if you need to sell it in order to buy the other property).  There is really no "season" to put a property on the market.  There are a lot of people/agents that will tell you that spring is the best time to put your property on the market (think what would happen to the value of your property if everyone did list at the same time).  You just need to know where the market is (as far as the value of your condo goes) and this will help you make a decision.  Keep in mind that the lower the inventory the more you may be able to yield from your condo's sale.  Feel free to shoot us an email if we can answer any questions or be of further assistance.  Best of luck.

FSBO or agent?


Hi ddoucett,no savvy agent is going to post commissions on a public board nor market it as it is illegal.  However, commissions are negotiable and you can certainly call a few different brokers to see what they will be willing to do and what they will cover (specially if it is a reduced commission).  Feel free to click on my profile for my contact information if I can be of further assistance.

Bulkhead Basement vs Walk out basement


Ouch! the lost value would depend but I think more importantly is, that based on what you said, you are not getting what you had agreed upon.  You could have your attorney review this and see why it was changed (why were you not notified, assuming that you were not) and what course of action you should take.  I like to get what I agree/pay for.  Good luck.

coffered/tray ceilings and wall paneling

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Hello jhillsop,every buyer is different so it is difficult to build a house based on what buyers want/like,even in Newton. Having lived in Newton myself, I'd say that the sizes of bedrooms-closets and of course a nice kitchen will be of more value to buyers than, say, detailed molding, for example. On the higher end properties buyers can be a bit more demanding/picky as to what they want, so you can set yourself a bit apart from others and  may want to consider personal customization for the right buyer. How far into the building process are you? how about getting the buyer first and letting him/her decide on the type of ceiling and wall paneling? Send us an email if we can be of more help.  Good luck.

Different Prices Listed


Hi Judy,you will most likely have to give Zillow's customer/tech support a call to get it done.  Hope it works out. Best of luck.