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William Fain wrote:

Backing out from the purchase contract

The best advise would have been to research the builder before considering making an offer. Have you discussed this with your Realtor? In your current situation I would strongly recommend contacting a Good Attorney, sooner rather than later. Good Luck!
November 15 2013

My Agent is not particularly ethical.... read on.

Talk with the Broker, don't go on a search on your own, there are plenty of well qualified and ethical Realtor's available. Do a little research on Realtor's in your market, talk with friends who have used a Realtor recently and interview several. Find someone that you are comfortable with! Thank you for helping police the few unethical Realtor's that are out there! They are the Exception not the Rule! Good Luck,
November 07 2013

30 year old married couple looking to move.

Visiting for an extended stay in any areas you are considering would be good. Florida's Panhandle (North/West Florida) would be a good choice. Warm Climate, Great Beaches,Golfing, No State income tax! Good Luck with your move!
November 27 2012