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President/Founder (33 years experience)

Property Management,

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I have been in the Real Estate industry since 1981 as a residential Appraiser. I started Kalamazoo Appraisal Service which grew to 14 companies in Michigan and Illinois. In 2009 this company changed its name to Acura Valuation, Inc. and is still in operation throughout Michigan and employs 10 Appraisers and office staff.  This company provides all aspects of real estate valuations, including BPO's, reviews, and reconciliations.

I practiced as an Appraiser with this company until 1996, at which time I founded Network Appraisal Service, Inc., a National Appraisal Management Company. This company managed 18,000 Appraisers, 120 Banks, over 3,000 Lenders in all 50 States, and was purchased by First American/Corelogic in 2006. I held several executive positions with this company until 2010, at that time I resigned from the corporate life.  

I have had an active real estate sales and Broker's license since 1981. Additionally, a BS from Western Michigan University in Urban Planning and held a Contractor's license in the State of Michigan.

At the present time, I am involved in limited residential Brokerage, consulting both buyers and sellers, own and manage large commercial real estate, residential income properties, and do limited consulting in the Appraisal industry on a national level. I am a member of the National Association of Realtors and Southwest Michigan MLS.

My expertise and experiences serves well to individuals who approach real estate differently than traditional agent/client relationships, are using the vast amount of Internet information, yet need direction and assistance when faced with Agents, Lenders, and other real estate professionals.  All assignments are bid based upon the complexity and services.


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