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Yankee Realty #1 Discount Broker wrote:

How do I retrieve my old listing on zillow to repost it?

If you're going to relist the house, the prior answer is correct, you do have to pay to list it again unless you go with a premier realtor of course.  If you're looking for a realtor, we have rates as low as 3.5-4% and do a lot of neat things to market the house.  If you have any further questions you can email us at yankeerealty@discountrealtorny.comWayne NewcombYankee Realty
February 19 2011

Help, I need advice. Bought our home in 2006 for $235,000 and is now worth $153,000 per Zillow.

I feel bad for you. You have a few options though. One,you can notify the lending institution to see if you can qualify to rework your mortgage. Maybe they will extend the number of years on your mortgage or cut down your principal amount. Who knows until you ask. Secondly you can sell the house under a short sale. If the lender agrees to a short sale they not only release you from all liability but also pay for the commission if you use a broker. You also might qualify for government funds for moving expenses. Thirdly, you can stay where you are and continue to struggle with the payments until your finances turn around. I hope this helped some and whatever you do I hope it turns out great for you and your family.Look at it as a learning experience and remember it's just a temporary setback. Good luck.   Wayne Newcomb, Yankee Realty
February 13 2011