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How can I kist my home on Zilow to have listing agents compete to sell my house


I'm in Pennsylvania, so obviously I'm not interested in your listing. The best way to find an agent is to ask people you know for referrals. If that doesn't work, call two or three local agencies and ask for a free market analysis. You can interview the agents and discuss their qualifications, marketing plans and fees. Good luck!

Can we (sellers) require that a local settlement agent be used and confirm their good standing?


Hi,In the Pennsylvania Agreement of Sale there is a clause that states that settlement shall take place in the county where the property is located (unless mutually agreed to by both parties). The buyer does have the right to choose who does their settlement and, to my knowledge, there is no requirement beyond being a title agency or attorney to perform this service (no special license). Your agent should be able to point out this clause in your contract. Good luck!

I don't feel that my agent is really helping me get a good deal? what exactly do they do?


First of all, thanks for the vote of confidence Face_Truss!The amount of commission that is lost in a negotiation is so negligible that I can't believe people would consider this when guiding their clients. Do the math (and don't calculate the different by the full commission amount...figure about 30% of the total commission for the typical agent split).I can honestly say that this is never a factor when counseling my buyers. If they are unrealistic about their starting point I will still write the offer, but I do counsel them that they are risking offending the seller and in fact it has happened that the seller does not want to deal with this person at all. The buyer then wonders what happened. Why did they lose the house they really wanted to buy?Any good buyer's agent can give their clients the statistics of asking price vs. sold price (on average) in their local market. You can then use that information to determine a reasonable starting point in negotiations.

Are homeowners unrealistic about their selling price?


I think a lot of sellers are realistic, but many still have the mentality of let's start high and take a chance. It's very difficult to make them understand that if they price it right to begin with they will ultimately net more for their home in a much shorter time with less aggravation. I give them the analogy of another commodity...stocks. It's only worth what it's worth when you go to sell it. Woulda, coulda, shoulda!