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Sustained success depends on satisfied customers. The reason Yvette has an unsurpassed record of client satisfaction can be found in her unique approach which combines the attributes of a successful business-woman with the client-service focus of a 5-star concierge to deliver an extraordinary quality of service to each and every client. Whether you are buying a small investment property or selling a large luxury home, Yvette ensures that every detail is attended to, that all your questions are answered, that all your needs are met and, most importantly, that you achieve the best possible value from the transaction.
Yvette is your trusted and capable guide, ensuring you are equipped with the best and most up-to-date market information, researching the values of homes like the one you are buying or selling and supporting you through all the challenges of concluding a deal - delivering friendly, sophisticated and high quality service to meet your every need.
While energy, drive and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Yvette’s approach, it is her success in delivering bottom-line results that has client after client coming back to do repeat business and has them enthusiastically referring her to family and friends.
If you are accustomed to a higher quality of service, if you are looking for the extras that differentiate, if you are aiming to be a cut above, you owe it to yourself to have Yvette working for you.

At your Service,

Yvette Gamet :-)
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