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09/13/2012 - PrisB
Sold a home in 2012.
I never thought that I would ever write a review for a Real Estate Agent, but I AM! In my entire life, I never thought that I would give praise to a real estate person! This story makes me look a bit clumsy, but I'll tell it because of how wonderful William is!

My husband and I were selling our house and he asked around and found William. After everything was done, I was supposed to contact the HOA to get documentation and get inspections started since my husband was out of town. UH OH! I wound up completely forgetting and going to Palm Springs for a Bridal Shower! I quickly called William and he told me that he had already contacted our HOA and was getting everything processed. He explained that there were disclosure deadlines, blah blah blah blah. I was just relieved that we had him to cross our t's and dot our i's!

After selling our condo, I referred my aunt to him and he helped her lease our her condo too! Now he's planning on marketing a few of my friend's houses too. There's something about William that just makes me want to tell people about him! I strongly recommend William to EVERYONE for their real estate needs in the Arcadia & Pasadena area and I would PERSONALLY vouch for him!
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/12/2012 - PaulBin2012
Sold a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $350K in West Central, Pasadena, CA.
I sold my first home in August. I thought the market was shifting in sellers' favor so I started searching for a Real Estate Agent. I got references from friends, looked online, etc. and called a few to talk with to see who was the best fit for me. I felt it might take a while to sell so I wanted someone who was responsive, could help me through the process, yet tough enough to represent my interests.

Hands down William was the best choice for me. He took the time to talk with me about his style, the selling process, and answer the multitude of questions I had. He was patient when he needed to be, and pushed when something needed to get done. I sold my house much faster than expected and William was fantastic communicating and giving updated buyers' offers to me.

I will call him again when I'm ready to buy / sell (hopefully not for a while!) I recommend buyers / sellers looking for a Realtor talk with William.
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- Highly likely to recommend
12/24/2012 - Margieeeeeee
Bought a home in 2012.
For the longest time we invested our money in the stock market, "traditional" funds, and other things our financial adviser recommended. We wanted to diversify so we thought "FORECLOSURES!". It turns out it's not as easy as those TV shows make it seem. Ha! After searching online, we randomly got a call from William about one of the foreclosures we'd had an interest in. After meeting him at his office, we found out he also brokers commercial real estate. The properties he showed us were great! ROI 5% and more per year! Without the annoying and dirty work of foreclosing on someone and then trying to resell it after fixing every little problem. We looked at at least a dozen properties and finally settled on this single-tenant building with 9 years left on its lease. The tenant had been there since the 80s! Now we're getting 6.4% ROI PER YEAR! That's better than any bank CD, money market, WHATEVER! The best part is that William analyzed the zoning codes and if the tenant ever leaves, we can develop over a dozen condos on the land! Smart, simple, and successful. That's William's style of real estate!
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11/28/2012 - user7729186
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $750K in Arcadia, CA.
William was absolutely amazing. He was there for me every step of the way. Every time there was a question, he had the perfect answer for me. Before settling on William there were at least 8 different agents (really picky... yes, yes) before him and William was more energetic, friendly, and knowledgeable than all of them! We looked at over a dozen houses together and he was extremely patient with me. Knowing me, there must have been times where he just wanted to go home, but he still showed me all of the houses fitting what I was looking for. There were days where things felt uneasy and William would calm me down and explain what was happening. Whether it was escrow deposit information, home insurance and warranty information, or termite inspection information - William took care of everything for me! Even up to the close of Escrow there were still questions being emailed to William!

William is the absolute best. Friend and family referrals are all going to him. As soon as William has a free day, he's meeting my neighbor to help her sell her house (his $1,000 cash referral offer doesn't hurt either)!
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10/19/2012 - michelledcoffeeb
Sold a home in 2012.
Overall, it's been an amazing experience. William describes himself as making real estate simple and stress-free and he accomplishes this (easily!).

It seems to me that there are a lot more real estate people who can help you find a house instead of one who can sell your house. In my opinion, the latter is a significantly more difficult task (especially with the economy the way it is now). Well, I'm writing this review because of how happy I am with my realtor (who is doing a spectacular job handling the sale of my home).

To make a long story short, my husband and I first tried selling our house in 2010 (ha!), but have ended up living in it because we couldn't find a realtor who could send us good listings and was smart enough to give us a solid price for our home. This year, I was determined to sell the house and began my search all over again. William contacted me after I requested more information on a random website. After talking for a few minutes, he sent me a list of homes with a short opinion from him on each home that same afternoon. Even though other real estate people wound up contacting us, we went with William because of his attention to detail. We checked out a few houses that we really liked and decided to let William give us a quote on our home. A day later, he came over and brought us a packet showing us the prices of homes that had been recently sold around us and gave us a price range he justified with numbers and neighborhood information. My husband and I talked it over and told him how we wanted to buy a larger house, but didn't want to move out of the one we lived in before moving into the new house. He wasn't deterred by the fact that our house was going to be shown with us still living in it. He has been very helpful with helping me coordinate things that needed to be done at the house (e.g., minor repairs, carpet cleaning, painting, etc.) that I can't attend to because of my work schedule. He keeps me informed by phone and email of the status of our home and anything else I need to know. We are going into escrow soon on the house we're buying and paying for it with the house we're selling (plus a small mortgage William found for us at 3.5%).

In the past I've worked with realtor (pros) who treated my house as if it were beneath them (as it was worth less than $300,000) or people who had too much on their plate to really dedicate enough time and energy to selling it. William is making it seem that selling our house is his one and only priority and that it is not a question of "if" it is going to sell. It is just the "when" that we can't be sure about.

Being a part of Team William has been (by far) my most positive experience working with a realtor for either buying or selling a home. I wish all you home sellers (first time or not) out there good luck. If you have a great realtor like William, your home will sell sooner rather than later!
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10/15/2012 - friendrice
Showed home in 2012.
My husband and I live in Temple City. We lived here over 20 years and my husband's family bought two lots next to each other. Both of the properties bought by my husband's older relatives. For over 10 years, the lot next to us has not had anyone living in it. Both our lots are very narrow and long. We had the good idea to see if we could combine lots and we needed someone to tell us what we should pay for the lot next door. We sent William message on the internet and he called us back right away. We told hin our situation and he told us he would research our area and call us back. Half hour later he called us with fair market price for the lot and even gave us addresses of other lots in the area like ours and for sale. He even drove to our house to meet my husband father to present the information he researched. We currently still deciding if we want to combine lots and build two new houses, but when we ready William will be first person we contact! He also planning on starting a construction business so we use him to build the houses too!
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10/14/2012 - DavidRLA
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Arcadia, CA.
Moving in Los Angeles is incredibly stressful, hectic, and financially draining. If it's not the traffic, it's the heat. It is rare to find a broker who is genuine, customer service oriented, and focused on helping you instead of just getting a house sold. We haggled with him and he really stood up for himself!

My wife and I were SO lucky to have found Willam on craigslist. We knew immediately that we wanted him to be our broker, and we are so thankful and happy to have had his guidance and knowledge of Arcadia to ensure that our estate is where we wanted to be!

William was very patient, taking us through every step of the process and answering all of our questions. He also was in contact with our mortgage representatives and made sure that we could finance the property. He had a very fast turnaround with our approval and has followed up with us post-signing.

I could not recommend William more. YOU SHOULD CHOOSE HIM AS YOUR BROKER! Or don't so I can retain his services for myself.
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10/08/2012 - PacificLogs
Showed home in 2012.
When my wife and I started looking for houses, we had no idea what to do being first time home buyers. Luckily, we created an account with Golden Land to look at their listings and got William Tong as our Realtor. He called us that night and we had a great conversation and he gave us a lot of additional information to help us better understand the process. We've been looking at houses and are closing in on one! Everything's going very smoothly, we are in constant contact with each other (phone, text, email) and even plan on closing earlier than expected. From start to finish, the whole process has taken about 1.5 months. I can't wait to live in my new home with my best friend.
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09/30/2012 - RobertHFin
Found a tenant for a Apartment home in Mid City West, Los Angeles, CA.
When I ever plan on selling our property or buying another investment property, William Tong is the man for me. William helped us lease out our home in Los Angeles. We had initially listed with another agent, but William was leasing out another unit in the complex at the time and had so many interested clients that he referred some directly to me. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. We live in Sacramento and were trying to lease from afar. William was always very prepared with every relevant detail when he referred clients to us. He helped us to find the perfect tenants that we chose from. He went the extra mile to coordinate and communicate with all parties involved (i.e. listing agent, us, HOA, tenants, etc.) and acted as our "boots on the ground".

We were serious and wanted to move fast. Our tenants had vacated the property on 31-July. We leased on the condo on 15-August and the house was occupied on 01-Sept. He helped us accomplish all of this in less than a month. Imagine all the details that went into making this happen.

We highly recommend using William from Goldenland Investments in Los Angeles for all of your real estate needs.
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