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Typically How much do Home inspections cost


Cost of a Home Inspection? First off, I would do them for free if my wife let me... :-) I enjoy my work that much! When a client calls me for a quote I take some time and ask about the house. How big, how old, does it have a garage or outbuildings that need to be inspected? What kind of condition is it generally in? All these questions tend to help me reason on how much it will cost. If I can I will even look it up on the internet and see the listing information as well as photos. Currently there are a lot of fixer uppers on the market and even though a house may be smaller or newer it may end up taking a lot of time. Typically I get 240 to 260 for smaller town houses and such and the price adjust upward from there. I keep my overhead low so I can provide a quality inspection at a reasonable price. Once I make an educated determination for price and the client accepts I then forget about the price and just do the inspection the right way, regardless of how long it takes!