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Why only my house's price dropped recently and suddenly?


Have you claimed your home? You can edit specific details.   Sign into your Zillow account.  If you do not have an account, you must first register in order to update your home facts.  Claim your home.  Navigate to the property page, go to the "Correct home facts " button and verify ownership.  Edit your home facts.  Once you have claimed ownership of your home, go to "edit" drop down and select the appropriate feature to edit

What is your opinion on the proposed Delmar Loop Trolley in St. Louis?


I like the idea of the route. Overall our City is lacking in public transportation in comparison to other major metropolitan areas. The Loop is an eclectic area that is a great local and tourist destination (or should be). I think it would be very beneficial to have to the system in place.



Have you claimed your home on Zillow? I think this could help. Make sure all facts about the home are updated. In my personal scenario this changed the valuation.

My property


If your home is listed with a realtor then ask them to update the pictures. If not, claim your property on Zillow and update them yourself. It is fairly simply.

Commissions for home sale & subsequent buy


Typically the seller pays commission. It is negotiable, but do not necessarily choose the lowest percentage. Make sure you are hiring a full time experienced Realtor. Most times the difference will pay for itself. On the buying side there should not be any fees. Some agents/companies charge a transaction fee. Make sure you ask this upfront.

is there anyone out there that will help me??


I would read reviews and view the sales of possibly agents. Make sure the agent knows the area you would like to view. As well, ask questions to see their experience and knowledge of the business. Good luck with your search!

Mortgage Company Recommendations


I have been a Realtor in the St. Louis area for over 10 years. I have worked with many different banks and loan officers. I used [promotional content removed by Zillow moderator, see our Good Neighbor Policy] for my personal mortgage. Their rates and fees were the lowest and I liked the fact that they can keep service their own loans. I would speak with a few different lenders and ask for a GFE- Good Faith Estimate. Compare and make an educated decision on which one is the best option for you. Good luck with the search!