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I'm a native Californian; raised in Orange County and Kern Co. Moved to Colorado on the Rio Grande; then to Nevada, in Nye Co. Lived very briefly by Tuscaloosa, AL, and moved here to WY in ' 05, and I'm still here despite these WAAAAAAYYYY cold winters!! Like most people that come here, it's because there's lots of jobs, and my husband and I are miners, although I got out of it to try and pursue a late career in real estate, and whether I actually achieve that goal or not, I'm very much interested in it, and always have been. I'm enrolled in an online course now, that ends with 4 days of in-class studies, then tests, then a chance at getting my salesman license. ( in that order, but far from easy) I REALLY enjoy Zillow tho, because I'm learning SO much, and I LOVE meeting new people! BTW, my name is Ado, pronounced ah-doe..........a deer, a female deer...............!
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