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Are we likely to get this loan?
ASKING PRICE (from builder): $189,900 (let's say we offer and they approve $165,000)FIRST TIME BUYERSDOWN PAYMENT AMOUNT: $7000 (OR $8000 IF NECESSARY)GOOD CREDIT SCORE&FAIR CREDIT SCORE (two of us)BEAUMONT, TX AREAANNUAL INCOME FOR 2: $76,000MONTHLY DEBT: $1000 (including student loans, car loan, and credit cards)
March 16 2009
How much can I expect to get discounted off asking price from builder (on new home)?
The house is in SE Texas, and is priced at $189,900. It is a brand-new home, and we are first-time homebuyers AND recent college grads. ANY discount would help, but we are looking at what would be a reasonable starting offer...or at least, how much we can expect it to be discounted.Thanks for any help! :)
March 13 2009