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What are you doing to stay ahead of the heard in this market?

Yes, I am a post child of so called "Bubble-era" I have missed all of those inflated "Good Ole Days" commissions and prosperities.. and I have learned hard and worked hard. Some days, it seems like I'm digging into a bigger hole by working too hard and no positive results.. My main focus of business is Investment Real Estate and short Sales. I have successfully represented clients on Investment Acquisitions and Management of the properties but the client-el is slimmer than ever. On the other hand, Short Sales has been somewhat successful considering the amount of time it consumes.. I am very good at anything that put my mind on.. But this market is pretty tough for me to get settled in..If you're successful in this business(no matter how long you have been in it), please shine some lights on what I'm missing or could do to improve my business.Thanks. 

I want to determine if the assess value of my home is too high. How do I do this?


Pagano, As every Judicial laws are different in every state, tax law differs from the state to state, and county to county, and so on... What I am doing for my clients is to run the neighborhood comps for the tax year (for the year 2011, Tax Assessor  uses 2010 comps) then file an informal appeal. They will get back to me in next few weeks about their idea of property value, if my client disagrees, then we have an option to file a formal appeal.Just like any other business, search for your local real estate expert and go from there.Regards,Albert 

Buying a home after a bankruptcy


Grover, The rule of thumb is about 2 years after the discharge. I would recommend searching for a lender in your area who could assess your current as is state to prepare for that big Qualification day!Good day.

Bank Foreclosures

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Various things could dictate why BoA wants a specific credit score. It could be their internal guideline, or what the investor(lien holder) who wants that specific guideline to restrict the deed.Best way to go about is to ask a Realtor who could communicate on your behalf to the listing agent or simply ask the listing agent directly.Good luck