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Andrew Martin wrote:

My house is on Zillow currently. Some information is grossly inaccurate. Why?

Is your house for sale??? If it is on the market, there could be information that was incorrectly placed into the MLS or information could have been transmitted from source to source incorrectly.  If it isn't listed but you see it has info listed on your house... this information comes from either MLS or 3rd party sources.  Another source for the information could be from public records i.e. your tax assessor, which it is common knowledge that they aren't always the most accurate when listing information.
July 15 2012

Is it possible to cancel contract after seller and buyer has agreed on price

In New York, you normally have contingencies built into the contact that allows either the buyer or seller to back out of the contract.  As with any legally binding contract, you should consult your attorney to find out what options you specifically have.
June 05 2011