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amcangirl wrote:

How do I get Zillow to remove my home's photos? The house is no longer for sale.

Thank you so much!  Problem solved.
January 17 2012

I'm trying to find a no-cost refi loan, 7 yr. IO ARM. Not finding much out there. Any ideas?

Thanks to all who responded.  I've got what I need, I think.  Now I just need my house to appraise right and BofA to agree to subordinate....this could be a long process.
October 21 2009

Does anyone know the CLTV required by BofA in order to get a loan subordination on my 2nd w/ them?

I called them today and they wouldn't give me an answer (!!!).  I really need 95%.  They aren't doing the first.  :(
October 06 2009