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Can you help me find the list of forms we need to sell our house by owner?


Ania in Annapolis, Md.  If you are having trouble finding forms, how will you be able to proceed with the sale of your home?  Each state has their own forms, rules and laws that have to be adhered to.I truly believe that going with a respected Realtor is the best way to go, hour house will sell sooner and for more than when you try to tackle this on your own.....

what is marketing and sales fee on realtor estimated settlement costs in maryland contract?

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Is this a 2 part question? The marketing fee to list and sell your home can range from 5-7%, but check your listing agreement to be sure. This fee is paid at the settlement table coming out of the Selers proceeds, this fee is typically shared by the listing Agent and the Aent who brought the Buyer. This fee is not the same as settlement charges that both Buyer and Seller incur. Hope this helps. Ania

is there a calculator where i can find my home's value without having it reassessed?


An assessment is just the counties opinion of what your home is worth based on the latest sales. It does not take into consideration the community,growth rate or unemployment rate/ratio for the particular area, they also have no idea of any upgrades that have taken place within the home. You would fare much better by hiring an appraiser to tell you the worth of the home. When it is all said and done, value of the home is determined by what a qualified Buyer is willing to pay in the market place.Hope that this helps a little.Ania