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My house hasn't sold yet, should I be worried?


I don't know that I would be worried but I definetly would be meeting with my Realtor to go over the marketing and price positioning.  There are three things that sell a home #1 location  #2 condition #3 price.  You can't change your location and if the condition is good then the only thing you need to look at repositioning the price.

Does a new home buyer need a large down payment?


A new home owner does not need a large down payment to purchase a home.  The least amount of down payment with a FHA loan is 3.5 %.  Veteran and USDA loan require 0 down.

How can I make sure I dont overpay for a home?


The best way to make sure you don't over pay for a home is by using a Real Estate professional that will provide the data of current sales in the area of the home you are buying.