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Does It Pay For YOU To Buy Online Leads? Where?


I agree - having tried a few I paid for myself for over a year, it was rubbish.  The internet unfortunately generates too much interest from people who are just window shopping.  Spend your money on a great designed website, and SEO.  Let people search on your site.  You can't totally eliminate time wasters, but at least you haven't paid as much and you do get real interest.  It's not a lead until an interested party has been qualified. At least they are not seeing the ridiculous comps on Zillow!

How can I get a rent to own home?


Back in the downturn but not in this hot market. Inventory is low in both renter and buyer markets and no one is likely to lock in a price when the trend is upwards. Best advice for you is to see if you can qualify now or, rent at a lower price and save, save, save. Contact me directly to discuss.

Is it possible to buy a home with 10% down.


Of course it is possible? Much depends on your credit score, income, purchase price and what other competitive offers are on the table. With the current market and overbidding going on, you also need to make sure you have the extra cash if the lender under Appraises. Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation

Buyers Agent is MIA. California, Need Help.


And the next time you should consider working with another agent who gives high quality customer service.  I am appalled to read this post and I hope you sort things out.  An agent's responsibility to his or her client is not over until the deal is finally over.