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    04/11/2014 - max8700
    Property manage a Single Family home in Royal Oak, MI.

    Dealing with Aspect Properties has been an absolute nightmare. My fiance and I used them to manage and rent our home in Royal Oak. After multiple problems during that two-year tenure (including failure to properly clean up after the first tenant, performing maintenance without proper approval and failing to show why certain work was needed and charging us anyway), we finally were forced to fire them. This is where it got even worse.

    We had to do the inspection ourselves, which is where we discovered a lot of the things they were supposed to be done had not been done. Then, the home had significant damage from the tenant. We documented it all, sent Aspect an estimate, and after weeks of no response or being told they would get back to us, they finally agreed that yes, we should get the security deposit. But then they dragged their feet and missed the legal deadline to communicate that to the tenant, who is now refusing to pay and also is going after Aspect because they did not, by law, send him a notice within 30 days.

    I called customer service rep Kristi Lynch repeatedly, more than 30 times over four weeks, and when I was lucky enough to get her on the phone (which was seldom), she always assured me things were getting taken care of. Which of course was a lie. They made excuse after excuse for not giving us the security deposit.

    Bottom line: They dragged their feet, purposefully I believe, to avoid paying us the money they agreed we were owed. Now we have no recourse. And I bet the tenant gets his $1,300 back now. How convenient.

    All I can say about Aspect is they have horrible customer service (which is a trend according to other reviews I have read) and they are not honest about how they do business. I would caution anyone from doing business with them. It is simply not worth the headache. And from what I hear, it sounds like karma is coming back to bite them big time.

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    Response from Aspect on 04/25/2014

    We had already discussed this with the client and have negotiated with the tenant's attorney to allow the homeowner to retain the security deposit & it was already sent. Nothing stated above in this complaint is actually accurate, as all time lines were followed to the letter, the client was able to talk to our customer service department & our attorney, the deposit was retained & non-emergency repairs were never done without prior approval. Also, the homeowner had said that they wanted to do the walk through themselves to get pricing from their own contractors. With over 700 clients, we understand that occasionally a client's expectations may not be met with our service & we strive to work every day to better our client's experience.



    03/11/2013 - Trev Mincy
    Property manage a Single Family home in Rochester Hills, MI.

    We have used Aspect for nearly 3 years and have found them to be extremely professional in every way. I would highly recommend their services. We have found them to be quick in responding to any questions or concerns we might have. They have provided helpful market information regarding our property, giving us the tools we need to make good financial decisions based upon market demand and pricing.

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    Response from Aspect



    02/12/2013 - user2592299
    Did not respond to my inquiry in Hand, Taylor, MI 48180.

    I had the help of a real estate agent when I was looking for a house in May 2011. I found a listing for a house in Taylor that I was overly excited about seeing. We went to look at it and immediately I wanted it! The listing showed everything my husband and I wanted at that time, including central air, which was very important because it was already going to be a really hot summer it was looking like. The house had been vacant for a couple of years so there was a lot of dead bugs around but for the most part it looked pretty good. We moved in May 20, 2011. Now, we should have looked to make sure there was a central air unit. But we just trusted that there was without looking. We were naive and young. Once we got in there were a few issues; the sink was clogged, there was no gas line for where our dryer should go and there was NO central air. It took about a month to persuade them to put in an A/C unit. They wanted us to settle for window air conditioners but I said no way, the listing said A/C so I am getting my A/C!! It took them about a week to fix the clogged sink and the gas line they actually came pretty quick. No big deal. We did eventually get what we wanted. Over the past two years there have been a few issues after those first ones when we moved in. First, there was no water spicket outside for a hose. Which was kind of important for watering plants/grass/fill a pool for the kids when it was too hot, things like that. But they said it was not a necessity, okay that was fine. Then there was an issue with our ceiling leaking in the kitchen. Actually, it was pouring at about 6am and i had to call in an emergency and of course they never called back so I had to call again when they opened. They were quick about that, got there that same morning and patched it up. Now, we have a leaking roof again in our bedroom where our 2 month old sleeps with us. I called 4 weeks ago the very first time and they said they would send someone out to look at it. That was a Friday. Sunday came and they still had not come out to LOOK at that issue! Monday a Maintenance man called and said noone ever told him it was a job that he had to call a roofer for so that is why we went all weekend with our roof the way it was. A roofer finally came that Monday and looked at it and said he would have to get approval to redo the roof. Nobody ever called me to set up an appointment for him to come out so I called back at the beginning of the next week. They said they were trying to get ahold of the landlord and they would call me back. I never got a call back. I called again a few times after that wanting to know when my leak would be fixed because it was only getting worse and they just don't seem to care. My lease is up in 3 months and we are leaving at the beginning of next month because it seems that they just don't care if this is uninhabitable for us to live in with 3 kids under 5.

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    Response from Aspect



    11/09/2012 - user849672
    Helped me rent a Single Family home in Mount Clemens, MI.

    I was shown a home for rent at the end of August 2012. I asked the leasing agent, Brett Boike, if the home was up to date on its mortgage and passed inspection because during the walk through I found inspection violation notices. We were assured that the home was up to code and ready to rent. We signed the lease and moved in on August 25, 2012. We were once again assured that the home had been cleaned and new appliances would be in the home. When we arrived with the UHaul, the home was filthy. The appliances never showed. Four days later the appliance company came and admitted to me that no one had ever ordered them. I was in contact with the head of maintenance of the actual homeowner who came by two days after we moved in to look at a few things that were wrong with the house. He advised me that the home should not have been rented and was not up to code. He also advised me that a broken window and the other repairs would be made promptly. He then offered to hook up my gas line for my dryer (since Aspect assured me it was gas but it was electric) and created a gas leak in the basement. No one has ever come to fix the window or the leak or the plumbing or anything else. The first month I paid my rent, they deducted the full $995 from my bank account electronically, but only reported that I had paid $975 on my account. They also overcharged me a pet fee, adding $20 extra to my bill. It took me emailing my bank statement three times in order to get this resolved. On Nov 7 the city came to inform me that my lease is illegal and that Aspect Properties had no legal right to rent me this home since the home never passed inspection. Today, Nov 9, I was informed that they are not sure what they are going to do for me but they are meeting with the home owner today and would call me later.

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    Response from Aspect



    02/03/2012 - yair studnik
    Property manage a Single Family home in Oak Park, MI.

    After about 3 years of working with Aspect to manage tens of properties, I found that in far too many cases I've been told b.s. and they haven't done what the should have and charged for. I had to fire them after causing me damages in tens of thousands of dollars. Houses were not rent ready when leased, others were left not rented and not fixed to be rented for many months (some times even a year), move in and move out inspection tons were not done, city certs were not even applie for, and more and more..... On multiple events, Aspect failed to collect the rent and failed to even start the legal actions on time so not paying tenants were left for months before starting the eviction process.

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    Response from Aspect