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Phone Verification Information


this would work if they called the cell first but it seems that is not the process....additional issue is that you cannot put direct dial bz number...u must put in extension even if you don't have one. So process is poor, execution is worse.Please fix this!

Buying a House in PA


Why don't you put your offer in with a clause/addendum that requires the house to appraise for purchase price?You wull be protected and your offer will have some teeth. The median price is a statistic that does not get used in most transactions.Good luck!.b

Using comps that are 6 months old


It seems to me that you need to ask your agent if you have one for a complete CMA and oveview,or  you can get an appraiser if you do not have an agent AND you can make your offer contingent on the appraisal.If you are working with a financing institution and have a smart lender , see if you cannot have an "informal" chat with their appraisal dept. Just protect yourself in the contract.Alos factor into the mix that if you are in for a short haul it matters a lot more. No one wants to overpay in this market but smart research should help.good luck!

counting rooms? finished basement = floor?


We call your kind of basement a "walkout".It is a purely local practice from what i have in PA [Lehigh Valley] it is not counted but in your area it may be. You need to confer with a Real Estate Agent or an Appraisal Office....your tax records may also tell you.Good Luck!It is pretty important to get the answer from an experienced Pro who will help you sell the condo.

Another Short Sale question


Yes in PA you settle 'back to back" can but your market could be different. Closing, escrow or settlement rules should come from your Agent and if there is no agent an attorney or title Co.As to a home sale contingency, i have never seen one on a short sale since anybody who can settle sooner w/cash or mortgage would trump your offer