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There is an ad for a rental that I think might be a scam. The owner said he is not in this country,


Comment above is right on the money- need to proceed with caution with rentals these days.  Lots of scams going on- have experienced many times with my listings.A few rules of thumb:  1)If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true! 2)If owner says he/she is out of country or out of state, but they want you to mail a check- DO NOT DO IT until you are able to verify they are the legitimate owner.  The challenge is that the scam artists are clever and bold- they will use the seller's name.  You want to check tax records and ask for proof of identity. 3) Do not send money until you have someone SHOW you the interior of home.  Do not buy off that they are unavailable- Legitimate listings/rental will have a property management firm, agents and family members get you in the home. 4) Drive by the home- if there is a sale sign out in front; call the listing agent to find out if home is also for rent- that is usually NOT the case. 5) REPORT it to Zillow, Craigslist, whatever site you are using.Be careful out there!  And best of luck finding your new home:) 

Will somebody contact to me if I ask questions?Thamks,


Hi Kim,Most of us will answer your question, although, if the question requires research, it might take a day or so...Lot of folks willing to help out though:)  Give it a try!Beth Toomey