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I've been working in the sales of luxury beach front homes for over 25 years. I'm also handling property management as well as real estate sales in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara and Riverside County. Having a relationships in these areas has become an interesting and important part of my business due to my enthusiasm in dealing with the needs of my clients. My priority is to treat each real estate relationship with integrity and total commitment. Call me for any of your real estate needs, I'm looking forward to doing business with you!
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01/11/2013 - user9310159
Helped me rent a Condo home in Castroville, CA.

I stayed at one of the rentals at the Monterey Dunes Colony managed by Biff and it was a wonderful experience. The house was clean, spacious, and comfortable and the beachfront views were breathtaking. Biff and his staff were very welcoming, accommodating, and quick to respond to any questions and requests we had. I would highly recommend him!  More Less 

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10/09/2012 - user8062147
Property manage a home.

Mr. Jelavich cancelled a contract without notifying me. His behavior was unprofessional and cost me a lot of money However, since it was not enough to sue and I am not located in his state he knew that he could do this with no legal reprucussions. His actions were highly unethical and not in keeping with the code of realtors to treat all clients fairly. I would be very careful when dealing with him. I  More Less 

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