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    10/20/2014 - jzonks
    Sold a home in 2014.

    Bob made the process very easy and enjoyable.He has great knowledge of the market and helped with all our needs. He both listed our house and got it sold in a very timely manner but also helped us find and purchase our new home.

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    02/13/2011 - b nat
    Sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $150K in Southside Estates, Jacksonville, FL.

    Bob was recommended to my ex-wife and I by my parents. Bob was both a realtor and a friend in their neighborhood. Bob was able to list and sell my home at a time when the market was utterly terrible and almost hopeless, and in the midst of my ex-wife and I going through a divorce. We thought, before we listed with Bob, that we would be unable to sell the home and would be sitting on it for years, divorced and unable to keep up with the mortgage.

    Bob worked his tail off in the midst of all of the other (and much more potentially highly lucrative) listings and was able to sell our home quickly and honestly in a matter of about a couple of months. Both my ex-wife and I were amazed, thrilled, and very, very grateful for Bob's expertise.

    Throughout the process Bob was very accessible, patient, forthcoming, and extremely knowledgeable to a point where we never felt as if we wouldn't sell the house with him at the helm of the ship. I have only owned and sold two homes in my life thus far, but I do know that every realtor I work with from this point forward that isn't Bob is going to have some very intensely large shoes to fill, in my estimation.

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