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Buying a home


I'd contact a local Real Estate Professional and get them to look it up on the local MLS.  Assuming you've gotten pre-approved for a Mortgage Loan, they'd likely be willing to set up some viewings of these properties. 

Feel trapped, need HELP!


I'm sure everything is negotiable.  I understand the Homeowner's Association's issue with allowing owners to rent out their homes.  I get it.  But, you might want to ask them how they'd feel if you simply let it go to foreclosure further reducing the value of the remaining owners investments.  Now, the new entry price into that complex is dramatically lower....reducing their equity.  They might be more agreeable if they were posed with that scenario.  Just a thought....

$990 fee charged to withdraw loan application


I'm an Arkansas based Lender and this is NOT something we do.  But, I'll be fair.....we ought to consider it.  Here's why I say that.  If the Lender has underwritten the file, ordered and received the appraisal, ordered and received the title commitment, insurance binders, etc....and are days from closing, there needs to be a "separation fee" of some sorts.  After all, this is no different than hiring a painter to paint your house and they get 80-90% of the work done.  Right before they're finished, a different painter says, "I could have done that job for $1,500 less than the guy you hired".  The new guy gets the job, finishes it and gets paid.  The 2 scenarios are virtually identical.  Or, what about the Mechanic that bids a job, you accept his/her bid and they get 80% of the work finished for you to take it to a competitor simply because they would charge less to finish the job??  What's the difference?  My response to your question has nothing to do with me being a Lender.....oddly enough.  What do you do if you buy a golf club from a local retailer, hit it for 2 weeks and find the same identical club online for a cheaper price?  Do you try to return the club to the local retailer?  With all of this said, if your original Lender had done nothing on the appraisal ordered, no underwriting, etc..... then, you should easily be able to take your file to a competitor with ZERO fee.  I mean, that's no different than you hiring me to mow your yard and I don't even drive by the house yet.....but demand a fee when you hired somebody else to do it.  Good luck!!

Evaluating prospective lenders


Being a Mortgage Lender, I advise clients to go with whomever they feel more comfortable with.  Rates and fees don't matter if you're not comfortable.  The Borrower dictates a lot of the flow in a Mortgage transaction.....from getting their disclosures and application signed to providing their applicable income and asset docs to the Lender.  I would ask some of your co-workers, neighbors, friends, etc.... who they used as a Lender if you're not comfortable with your current selection.  Keep in mind there are many moving parts to a Real Estate Transaction with the actual Loan being one of them and if you miss a closing date by 1 day due to no fault of your Lender or even yourself......the Sun will come up tomorrow. I wish you the best of luck. 

How do people accomplish getting a morgage with credit scores under 600??


I've got some excellent credit repair firms I've sent clients to.  I'll admit, I was a little dubious at first, but these folks really needed help and the credit repair firms were able to help us find success.  Contact me thru my profile and I'll line you up with one of them.