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07/23/2014 - user8357673
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $725K in Valley Center, CA.

Bob Hunsaker's name popped up while my wife and I were doing an online search for a home in Valley Center. After reading his reviews, we felt Bob's experience and local knowledge was what we needed to help us with the purchase of a home in pre-forclosure. The process was long and challenging. The property went to auction and, even though we were not going to bid, Bob went with me to the auction to observe the process. When the property did not sell at auction, it went back to the bank. Eventually it came on the market and soon had multiple offers. With bob's advice and guidance, we prevailed in the purchase.

Advice about hiring an experienced real estate professional is so true. Not only does Bob have years of real estate experience, he has years of experience as a contractor. His home building knowledge was invaluable as we were viewing properties. We found Bob to be totally professional, responsive to our needs, friendly with a great sense of humor, and most importantly, a very easy person to work with. His first priority in his business is to help people find and buy a hone that they love. We did that with Bob's help.

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07/08/2014 - jamesdowns
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Valley Center, CA.

We came upon Bob purely by chance, calling the number on a listing we were interested in viewing one afternoon, but soon came to discover we had found the best realtor in Valley Center.

Bob actually changed my view of the whole real estate profession. Not only was he prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, respectful, hilarious & fun to travel with, listening to everything you said paying close attention to details learning exactly what you were looking for when house hunting with him, but his knowledge and helpfulness went far beyond what would ever be expected of a normal/typical realtor. We received legal advice, remodeling ideas, conceptual sketches he drew up himself from aerial maps to help us visualize his ideas, he setup appointments for us with civil engineering companies to better understand potential title issues we were concerned about which he attended himself - all at no charge. At one point we mentioned liking a particular home to Bob which was not even for sale, and he actually phoned up the owner and convinced him to show us the house, allowing us to make an offer on it while not even on the MLS or for sale by owner. Our offer was accepted, however, we later changed our minds on that place.

We actually put Bob through a lot… we had him make offers, rescind offers, reinstate offers we had just cancelled after twice changing our minds, and he was never bothered by any of it. If he was showing us a property that we’d just driven 45 minutes to see and my fiancé commented that she thought it smelled a little moldy and it was starting to bother her, he would immediately say, “alright, we’re out of here!” and take us to the next place on his list... stop and treat us to lunch, one courteous thing after another. He didn’t stand there arguing with us about how the mold could be taken care of, or how something we didn’t like was not really a problem. He questioned things for us when we didn’t see the issues. He ended up finding us the perfect home that we could not be more happy in now.

He also listed and sold the home that we moved from, holding multiple open houses, putting ads for our house in newspapers and magazines, created a really nice virtual tour of our home. I have seen many virtual tours from all the other homes that we looked at, and none had the same thought and creativity behind them like the one he put together for ours. He put a lot of time and effort into selling our home and got a higher price than we were ever expecting to end up getting.

He recommended a mortgage broker for us that setup the loan for our new home. The mortgage broker actually gave us special treatment, telling us it was because of the enormous respect she had for Bob, explaining that she enjoyed working with him more than any other realtor, so whenever he referred a client, she went out of her way to do the best job she could for them, in the hopes of getting to work with him again in the future.

We could not have been more pleased with the help we received from Bob, and would highly recommend him to anyone in the area.

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Response from Bob on 07/09/2014

This was a very satisfying process, guys - and we had lots of fun along the way. One point I want to clarify to the public is that I did not "give legal advice", but rather helped explain a land use issue and advised you to get advice from an attorney - and that the need for this advice is for things unrelated to anything we did together. At any rate, after months of research and effort, you are in best property I can imagine for you all (including your horse). I'm so happy for you. Now it's fun receiving your texts and emails regarding the improvements you're doing at the new "ranch". I look forward to similar future reports. Thanks again for the privilege of working with you!



03/12/2014 - dennis godwin54
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $425K in Valley Center, CA.

Our experience selling our property can be summed up in one word FANTASTIC. Whether you are selling or buying you will quickly learn that you will get honest and straight forward answer so you will have the information needed to make the best decision for your situation. He looks out for the best interests of all parties, living the motto, “Honesty is the best policy”. It would take me about a half of a heartbeat to decide to use Bob again if I was to need a realtor again in southern California.

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Response from Bob on 07/07/2014

Selling a home for an entire family is a different experience. It worked out beautifully; all the family members were so helpful and cooperative. It was an honor to be a part of this.



02/21/2014 - user1567000
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $775K in Valley Center, CA.

Bob is a consummate real estate professional. He's very proficient, experienced, and ethical. On top of these excellent hard-to-find attributes his background as a building contractor provides the buyer with insights into the construction quality and hence the true value of a home. As we gratefully discovered his construction background proved to be absolutely invaluable. Foremost, expect honesty from him which he always provides. He will give his opinion when asked and it is an honest opinion. This is also invaluable.

We do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for what we know to be one of the best real estate professionals working out there. Our ultimate purchase proved that sentiment entirely.

You will also appreciate him in so many other ways more that this review can begin to cover. He's that good.

Why settle for less? If you want one of the very best get Bob Hunsaker as your agent.

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Response from Bob on 07/07/2014

It's amazing to look back on the process. The long trail led you to the perfect home - by far the best we found for you. This gives me profound satisfaction. Thanks for working with me. The best to you and family.



09/11/2013 - user5214467
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $550K in Carlsbad, CA.

Bob's expert guidance help my wife and I get the house of our dreams under less than ideal circumstances. Over 40 offers were made on our house, yet we still got it! Bob knew just what to say to the listing broker as offer after offer continued to come in after acceptance but before we were under contract. Always quick to respond, and willing to drive out of his way to meet and show us yet another property, and never pushy, Bob is the consummate professional who will help you get the home of your dreams!

Thanks Bob!

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Response from Bob on 09/12/2013

This was such a gratifying success! At times it was a frustrating battle, but we prevailed. You guys were amazing too, as you held your ground when the going got tough. Now you're remodeling and moving into a fantastic home in Carlsbad. I'm thrilled for you.



08/24/2013 - user9188747
Sold a home in 2013 in Hideaway Mobile Estates, Valley Center, CA 92082.

I absolutely dreaded putting my home up for sale. However, once I listed it with Bob, the only thing I had to worry about was keeping the house clean! Bob treated me as if I was his only client. He always had time for me and came up with workable solutions for all my concerns. With Bob's expertise and negotiating skills, he was able to get three offers for top dollar the first week. Needless to say, Bob turned selling my house into an anxiety-free experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who wants the same!

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Response from Bob on 09/10/2013

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Every real estate transaction provides plenty of challenge for all involved. I'm so glad we were able to achieve your goals quickly. Best wishes to you as you get on to your next adventure in life.



08/23/2013 - user38258503
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $500K in Escondido, CA.

Highly recommended. Bob is seasoned Realtor who can guide you through a cumbersome process, especially if you haven't bought a house in a few years. Bob's former life as a general contractor is very beneficial when viewing homes. He can spot structural problems that will save the Buyer money down the road. Very patient, we spent a few months looking for the right house. Job well done, Bob.

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Response from Bob on 08/26/2013

Thanks for the kind words. This home-evaluating and buying process with you two was a lot of fun. You're a quick study on the factors that recommend for and against homes. And I'm so glad you got this home - it really had your name on it! Enjoy.



07/31/2013 - user243104
Bought a home in 2013.

Bob provide excellent help in assisting us to locate and purchase our new home. He always found time and energy to provide insightful answers to our many questions. I would strongly recommend Bob to any buyer seeking help to find a new residence in North County.

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Response from Bob on 08/01/2013

Thanks guys. You're a special family and finding the right house involved a LOT of communication and negotiations. Now you're enjoying your pool in a forest of orange trees. Not too bad, eh?



07/29/2013 - user23066838
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $625K in Valley Center, CA.

We recently sold our home in Valley Center--thanks to Bob Hunsaker! He helped us through the process of selling and moving and was most patient with our many questions and clarifications! Bob was very knowledgeable with our area, and he communicated well during the whole experience.

Without hesitation, we would recommend Bob to sell one's home in North Inland County San Diego!

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Response from Bob on 07/30/2013

Of the many aspects of my profession that I love, seeing folks like you free to pursue your next adventure is tops. I know you've wanted to transition into more of a retirement phase. Now you can. Enjoy!



01/02/2013 - user645526
Showed home in 2012 in Valley Center, CA.

We are on hold at the moment with going forward with purchasing a new home. We will be using Mr. Hunsaker when we have the chance to buy another home. He is very professional, knowlegable with Valley Center and very reliable. :)

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Response from Bob on 07/30/2013

Thanks for the kind words. We work hard to help you achieve your goals. But sometimes life tells you to take a break in the "action". I'm ready when you are to begin again.