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how many people have viewed my home?


It would be nice if Zillow would allow seller/owners to view their property "views" without it counting as a view.....that IS extremely valuable information.

What happened to driving directions under Map/View?


Not true...I USED that feature religiously to check distance from hubbys work, it was right below walkable score. What a PAIN to open ANOTHER window on my already cluttered desk top.

Tax Assesment is not correct

Tax assesment only shows for the piece of property with house... we have two parcels, can we get the assesment to reflect the value of both pieces combined?

Price change not reflected on Zillow.

We decided to lower our asking price, signed the necessary documents on 9/27/11.  Price change was made on MLS 9/28/11, Zillow briefly had it changed, I even received a confirmation email from Zillow, now it shows regular price?  Is this something that is automatic or does the agent manually have to do something?

St Joseph Statue burial revisited...

A co-worker has been threatening to bring me in a statue of St.Joseph to bury in my front yard under the sign upside down facing the house.  She says she's done it for several people she knows and their houses sold, but not her own yet.  I finally recieved it yesterday and is temporarily sitting in my front window looking out at the road.  After a month of being on the market and no showings I'm up for anything.  Does anyone have any stories to share regarding this ritual?  It's all new to me.