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We have a 15 yr 5% fixed loan...Home will be paid in Feb. 2019..would we be foolish to refinance...w


7/8 years from now you owe nothing but santa clara county. that in itself can be hefty. i used to live off henderson and el camino, if you are good with where you're at now, it's hard to beat. not saying you can't research your options. i assume you financed through downey now us bank or wf. either or may have an answer for you, but you have to talk with them. i think you are good where you are at, but it doesn't hurt to ask

Why I am not eligible for HARP?


ask questions, lots of them. harp is clearly not the answer. ask wf for a conventional rate and term and see what they come back with. empower yourself, do not think you are stuck b/c the bank of all people says you are.

Need advice!!!


condos are tricky. hamp/harp/ us govt. does not like them. do you plan on staying there for the next 10 yrs? understanding you don't want to ruin your credit, but a bk lasts 2 yrs.

Is it worth trying for a wellsfargo refinance?


GO FOR IT! what are they going to do, say no. or Yes. Rates are amazing right now and depending on your situation, you are still in control. Never  under estimae yourself and let the bank say no. If WF says no, then go find another bank.

Should short sale my house or rent it when my house is half the price of what i paid for it?


as a mortgage professional, i suggest you see what's out there now. then again, i understand where you are coming from. depending on where you are at, will determine your situation. consulting a real estate attorney would be a good idea, but make sure you research your attorney. the same attorneys that got us all in this mess are the same attorneys who are "wanting" to make another buck, i mean bail you out. feel free to email me at anytime. hope everything works out for you.