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The home on 343 Lakewood CT Avon IN 46123, is listed built in 1990, should be 2000


Where are you seeing it listed for being built the wrong year?  I checked the MLS and its not listed for sale or anything.  I was going to say if the listing itself was wrong you would just want to contact the listing agent and let them know there is a typo in their listing.I looked up the tax records and other public records and the year built is listed correctly as being built in 2000.Where did you see it listed at 1990?

Why are there valid addresses for which Zillow refuses to provide a Zestimate?


Primarily if there is not a zestimate its because there is not enough historical data for their system to make a guess about the price.If you really want to know the value of a property you'll have a much more accurate estimate by going though a real estate agent or appraiser.Zillow says on its own website in the small print that they are lucky to be within 20% of the price.  Would you bet on anything with those odds?Hope this helps!

how can I look for a house with a inground swimming pool?


I agree with the previous post.  I I think might have a way to search for a pool.  I know that I can search for pools specifically through the MLS system here in Indy.  So your best bet might be to contact an agent as stated above.  They'll be able to do the work for you and forward properties meeting your criteria.Hope this helps

How much is owed on this property, is the in foreclosure?


This property is not currently listed on the MLS.  Usually if a property is bank owner or foreclosed it will be listed with a realtor to give maximum exposure.  Unless the owner is selling it on their own there is very little information on the property.  The last time they had it listed was back in July of 2008.  Hope this helps a little.