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Brian helped us find our house in 2009 on a tight budget and some pretty specific requirements. He was emotionally invested in helping us through the process and was extremely responsive answering questions. He took the time to truly understand what we were after, and since our purchase, he still checks in to see the improvements we made. If you want an agent who will take the time to completely understand your circumstances, you can't go wrong with Brian!


03/09/2015 - hopeatmore
Bought a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $375K in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Brian helped us find our house in 2009 on a tight budget and some pretty specific requirements. He was emotionally invested in helping us through the process and was extremely responsive answering questions. He took the time to truly understand what we were after, and since our purchase, he still checks in to see the improvements we made. If you want an agent who will take the time to completely understand your circumstances, you can't go wrong with Brian!

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02/12/2015 - kanukanuka
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $600K in Half Moon Bay, CA.

I had met Brian some time ago before he became a realtor. I knew him to be a wonderful, honest, and exceptional person. I was happily surprised to see him again when I was at an open house and found out that he had become a realtor. When my husband and I were ready to look at homes I told my husband we should meet with Brian to see if he could help us. We easily scheduled an appointment with Brian to see if he could. He listened to us, heard our needs and dreams and he became our partner in finding the right house for us.

We had come to Brian hoping we could buy a house but unsure that it was possible. Thankfully with Brian's expertise and tenacity we were able to buy a home. We were only eligible for a VA loan (a house can't have dry rot, any renovation could not be incomplete, and nothing wrong with the house), we had 0% down. Most sellers & their realtors didn't want to deal with our situation. He consistently showed us houses that we were looking for, and he always made himself available with our schedules and with any homes we were interested in seeing. He helped us put reasonable bids in for different homes, in different areas at all hours of the day & night. He searched in all the areas we were interested in and even areas where we weren't sure in case the house of our dreams was there. He even helped us connect with a loan officer he had previous good experience with after I'd told him our bank had our loan application and we hadn't heard in months if we pre-qualify. With Brian's negotiation skills we were able to buy our first home. There was an issue with the house, but Brian was able to speak with us so that he could negotiate with the sellers so that they would fix it and we could then buy it. Our experience with Brian Lee, has been one of true professionalism, which is what we needed, because even though we are in our 50's, buying our first home was pretty scary. Brian held our hands through the entire process. He educated us on each step of the purchasing process. He explained everything thoroughly, what we should expect, and made our experience buying our home as painless as possible.

It's been over two years now. We are so happy with our home. Brian has integrity, is extremely helpful, has connections he can refer us to if needed. I wish I knew more people so I could refer them to him. We will ask for his help if we need to sell our home, or if we are ready to buy a different one. I can't say enough good things about Brian! He even connected us with people in our area regarding the disability community because our son has disabilities- that helped so much!

We not only consider Brian our realtor, we consider him our friend. We are writing this as a way to say Thank you to Brian and hope the best for him! He is someone we hope you will contact if you want to buy or sell your home because you will be in the right hands.

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11/21/2014 - zuser20140712174536373
Bought a home in 2013 in Half Moon Bay, CA 94018.

Our move to the Half Moon Bay area turned out to be far more challenging than we expected, and thank goodness we partnered with Brian Lee in our house search. Brian was not only a great realtor – knowledgeable of the real estate market on the coast and all of the legal aspects of buying a house – but he also provided expert advice and often-needed empathy as we struggled with a difficult seller.

We first met Brian during his open house, which we believed at that time was the perfect house for us, and it soon became clear that his client, the seller, would not be easy to work with. Despite Brian representing both buyer and seller, he did an excellent job navigating and negotiating, keeping us informed, and helping us with the offer process. After we finally made it into contract, Brian was great at managing the delays coming from a lengthy close period on the sale of our own house, and working with the seller to extend our deadline.

Although we did not ultimately end up with that initial house selection, Brian kept our hopes up and worked with us again to find another house that turned out to be a far better deal and fit for us. He scrutinized the contract, identified a liability, worked it through a negotiation with the seller, and helped us get a good price. He continued his partnership with us through many recommendations for home contractors, and stayed in touch after the close to provide any assistance we needed with our move and getting settled into our new home.

Brian became not only our realtor, but a good friend who had only our best interests in mind. We highly recommend Brian Lee!

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11/03/2014 - user30193858
Sold a home in 2014.

We had an excellent experience buying a home with Brian. He was incredibly helpful, collaborative, and diligent, and made the process of buying a house as painless as possible. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.

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09/23/2014 - shig tanaka
Sold a Single Family home in 2008 in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Brian helped us both sell our first home and buy the next one.

Though we knew Brian before we decided to work with him on our home sale, we didn't know how dedicated he really was to be a personal partner in the process. He is genuinely interested in learning about your goals and needs, and where real estate can fit in - not the other way around. I really feel that he has your best interests in mind, and is willing to put in his time to figure out the path. He patiently stuck with us through our vague sense of what we wanted, and helped us formulate a plan, including introducing us to a great mortgage broker who shared Brian's personal touch.

What really stuck with us is the experience of selling our home in 2008. We decided to put it out to market right before the Lehman Bros. disaster, so things weren't looking great after that. Indeed it took us a whole year to sell - but Brian stuck with us the entire way, and in the end we DID sell it while many people had to give up and go off the market. Throughout he was knowledgable and helpful in all aspects, including paperwork, inspections, communication with potential buyers, everything. All without any hint of exasperation and being a "cheerleader" when we didn't think it will happen. One thing we still talk about is the time toward the end when we had to pull out an old water heater from the attic - he climbed up there and helped us bring it out, getting completely covered in dust and dirt, but still coming out smiling.

If you're like us and not really interested in playing the "real estate game", being able to work with a trustworthy, knowledgable, friendly and caring guy like Brian is a great asset.

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08/30/2014 - markxevans59
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.125M in Half Moon Bay, CA.

We contacted Brian to help us fond a home in the Half Mood Bay Area. Form our initial meeting it was clear that Brian had very good understanding of the Coastside real estate market. Brian made sure he that understood who we were, what our exceptions were (price, type of neighborhood, home type) and what kind of interest we had outside of the home. Based on this Brian was able to show us and recommend locations along the coast in different neighborhoods.

Brian also provided a very informative tour of the coast side area and provided excellent insights for each area (property market, resale value/potential, neighborhood characteristics). This was invaluable information for our search

Once we had decided on our future home. Brian provided great advice on how to position our offer and what the likely outcomes would be.

When our offer was successful Brian help us ensure that the closing process was stress free as possible. Brian maintained good communications with the selling agent to ensure that there we no surprises for either party.

Brian is great to work with is really easy to get on with. His expert knowledge of the coast, his attention to detail in his work and his easy going manner make him please to work with.

Highly recommended!

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08/29/2014 - jessicapen
Bought a Single Family home in 2005 for approximately $700K in Pacifica, CA.

You will not find a better realtor than Brian Lee! He is in a league of his own. Unlike most realtors I have come across, Brian is professional, efficient, caring, and effective in being an advocate for all of his clients. Almost 10 years ago Brian helped my husband and I purchase the home we still live in today. Throughout the process he very patiently sorted through all of our requests, indecisiveness, and took it further to spend extra time helping us find the perfect house for us at the time, but even more miraculously, he helped us find a house that would be perfect for us for the long haul. He even talked us out of buying homes where he could have made more money, but with his experience knew that it was not the best fit for us. Looking back, I am so glad for all of his advice, and for the personal touch he added, getting to know us so that he can meet our needs on a professional and personal level. And, buying a house is a professional and personal event. At the time we were married without children, and had a hard time picturing our future needs. Lucky for us, Brian was able to look into the future and find the perfect house for us 10 years ago, which is still perfect for us ten years later and two kids later. And, don’t expect Brian to disappear after he helps you with buying or selling your home. He has continued to help us, and not just to keep up his referrals and connections, but as a friend and advocate. Eight to nine years after buying our home, after five years of harassing banks to refinance our home and continuously being turned down, it was Brian that finally found the right lender to help us refinance our house.

I don’t think anything else needs to be said, Brian is your guy. There is no reason to look further. You won’t find another realtor of his kind. We were lucky enough to stumble upon Brian by calling the phone number on an open house sign, hopefully you will be just as lucky.

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08/26/2014 - andy erskine
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Pacifica, CA.

Brian is a fantastic realtor. His local knowledge of the San Mateo coast and the pros/cons of the different regions and towns is truly informative and spot on!

Brian truly made the process of buying our first home incredibly easy and comfortable for my wife and I. We never once felt pressured or any frustration from him, no matter how many questions we asked or how many times we wanted to see a listing. I honestly felt like we were working with a close family member or family friend who had our best interest at heart.

Brian went to bat for us when we finally decided we had found the house. He turned what could of been a very stressful situation into a calculated approach lead by a true veteran and it panned out.

All you have to do is grab coffee with Brian anywhere on the San Mateo coast to see that he is a respected member of the coastside community and I know this reputation precedes him throughout the rest of the county as well.

Would recommend this guy to anyone!

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08/18/2014 - nickn2379
Bought a Townhouse home in 2013 for approximately $550K in Half Moon Bay, CA.

My wife and I had the pleasure meeting Brian during an open house a few years back. At that time we were just getting into the process of looking for our first home. Like many other first time home buyers, we were in way over our heads. To us Brian was more of an educator than a Realtor. If you are a first time home buyer, Brian is definitely your guy. He takes plenty of time researching on what home would be a good fit for you. He is also an expert in customer service. Brian is responsive to his clients and willing to take time to foster a relationship with his clients. I could tell that he was genuinely happy and excited for us when we closed on our home.

It was a great feeling, knowing that we could depend on Brian’s knowledge and customer service to get into our first home. From the first meeting to the closing of our house, we could see he was always looking after our best interests; therefore the whole process was a great experience

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08/15/2014 - user3700415
Sold a home in 2013 in Half Moon Bay, CA 94018.

Brian is an exceptional real estate agent. We were in the process of moving across country and he dealt and resolved very issue that occurred, from an encroaching neighbor to a leak under the house. The house listed and under contract in about 4 weeks and closed on time. We could not be more satisfied with his performance. He is truly a rarity in the ranks of realtors.

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