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01/07/2015 - paulwhite2222
Sold a Townhouse home in 2014 in North San Jose, San Jose, CA.

We used Irene again for our second sale, Irene did not disappoint. She did a fantastic job again.

With great energy, she co-ordinated the property management company, potential buyers, agents and removed all barriers for us.

In addition she got a record price for our property in our area!

I cannot recommend her more highly!

Thanks and Best Wishes to Irene and Gary

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12/14/2014 - prm00xx
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.3M in Mountain View, CA.

Irene Borz has helped me to buy a home in 2000 and sell a home in 2014. In each case, complex issues had to be handled by the real estate agent and Irene was able to meet the challenge and exceed in advancing my best interests in the deal. For the 2014 sale, Irene had to make the preparations for showing the property, getting home repairs estimated and completed, bringing in qualified buyers, negotiating offers and completing a successful close. She was 100% focused on accomplishing this but did so under a framework that was very complex and that many agents would not have been able to deliver. I know because I interviewed many before selecting Irene. The circumstances involved selling a house that had 2 sellers (co-owned) where 1 seller(not me!) was in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court set a must sell date. Beyond the 2 sellers she also had to deal with a trustee and court guidelines. Therefore she had to negotiate with 4 parties, all with different goals and court guidelines plus the buyers themselves. This took a great deal of negotiating skill, ingenuity, expert knowledge of real estate transactions, and hard work. I was able to get the best deal, meet the court guidelines and the deadline all due to Irene’s effort. This was an exceptional outcome for a case where the seller was at a true disadvantage. If you want to get the best deal on a real estate transaction, buying or selling, contact Irene.

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Response from Irene on 12/16/2014

Dear P., Thank you for the wonderful endorsement! I would like to share my best kept secret - the quote posted on the wall above my desk next to my family photos. "Your faith in yourself should never flag, but if it does, it's important to remember that hard work can be as important as talent - and you aren't afraid of that!" Thank you! Irene



12/04/2014 - marina vinnik
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA.

Irene is the best ! I will work her in future no doubts. She helped my doughtier and me with buying houses. she provided all information we needed. Marina vinnik


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Response from Irene on 12/05/2014

Thank you Marina! I enjoyed every moment of working with you and yours! I'm glad you like it. Please call me at any time: I'm here to help and to answer your questions. Kindly, Irene



08/01/2013 - user1930130
Sold a Single Family home in 1998 for approximately $275K in East San Jose, San Jose, CA.

Irene Borz negotiated simply unbelievable deal for me. I wanted to buy a house in Almaden, but all my money was in the property I had bought 2 years before. Irene convinced the seller to buy my house and give me a second loan. I still happily live in Almaden, my son graduated Leland High last year. Thank you very much! Igor L.

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Response from Irene on 08/02/2013

Thank you! Market is picking up! I have a special treatment for the raised interest rates. For our buyers who buy our listings the rates are still LOW. Visit for more info! Irene 408-599-7007



07/31/2013 - Russian_2007
Bought a home in 2009.

I am writing to give Irene Borz my highest recommendation. Irene Borz possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker: she knows her market extremely well; she is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with her clients. Irene Borz is both very professional and personable.

I had the privilege of working with Irene Borz as my realtor when looking to purchase a home in Mt. View, California. Irene Borz’s knowledge about real estate is multi-faceted and she is most certainly able to do more than any other real estate broker. I appreciated her ability to advise me post home inspection; and when a situation took place with financing, she was there to help and support me in every possible way possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Irene Borz to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek her service in any of my future real estate transactions.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Irene Borz or being anything but happy in choosing to work with her.

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07/26/2013 - user51163867
Bought a home in 2005.

My husband and I met Irene and Gary many years ago when we were looking for our own house in San Jose. We appreciate their service a lot and we still are good friends. I always call Irene or Gary when I have some questions regarding Real Estate. Their advices help me very much to fulfill my responsibilities as the Board Member of the Home Owners Association. Their extensive experience with foreclosures is invaluable (as I know, Irene was selling bank owned properties several years, Gary has been acquiring properties for investors at the auctions). I talked to some lawyers and got an impression that Irene and Gary know the actual processes much better. This year, my friend asked me if I knew a Realtor who could help with an investment property - I made a reference without any hesitation. My friend was very happy and told me several times, "Thank you for connecting me with these people who really understand my needs and care about me!"

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07/21/2013 - user1549231
Sold a Condo home in 1998 for approximately $325K in West San Jose, San Jose, CA.

I know Irene for more than 15 years - she helped us to buy 3 houses and sell 2 of them. And she was always on our side all through the process: spending numerous hours chasing that elusive "dream house" and then going extra mile to negotiate the best deal possible. She never rushed us, presented all options, helped with securing best loans, arranged for repair workers and even cleaning crew! I would highly recommend Irene and her team for all your real estate needs in SF Bay Area

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05/16/2013 - rockcicak
Bought a home in 2013.

We buy and sell a few houses before, have dealt with a couple of agents. Irene did surprise me this time during this transaction. She is funny, energetic and most important of all, very passionate about her work. It is definitely not a-job-is-a-job attitude, which did impact all the people around her. We also met a couple accidents during the whole home purchase procedures, Irene pushed her way through all of them. Without her help on every stages, to get this house and close on schedule is simply a mission impossible.

Even with a busy daily schedule of her, Irene put close attention on customer issues, response every time almost simultaneously. I could not image how she managed to do that, but she did make every customer of her feel that customer is the king. Really appreciate it!

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Response from Irene on 05/18/2013

Thank you very much Ying for your review! What can I say? We are never too busy for you and your referrals! Enjoy your new wonderful home and please remember: we are always here to help! Irene and Gary, 1 Team Realtors



01/23/2013 - Cecilia Liu
Sold a home in 2012.

We feel very lucky that we found Irene and Gary. They helped us bought our new home with unbelievable discount. Originally, we thought we were lucky if we can just get the house with the listing price. But they did more, a looot more. They helped us get the home with extra 30% off from the listing price. A lot of real estate agents told us:" I don't know how did you guys can get this house with that low price". All credit goes to Irene and Gary.

Gary, a former high-tech engineer, is extremely smart. Even a lot of knowledge about real estate law. He is always very calm and has strategy to deal with unexpected difficult situation. We even ask him for advice/suggestion when dealing with loan processing. Gary is very professional. He puts his brain, his heart in his job. He went to the house so many times doing investigation and study, pointed out many details we overlooked.

Irene has unbelievable negotiation skill. Once, the transaction was stuck at price negotiation stage. We were very worried and almost gave in. Gary was very very calm and told us to give it sometime, let Irene do the negotiation. I don’t know how, but Irene just did it. The seller agreed with our price.

They are very professional and responsive and always have the time for us. Due to our work hours, sometimes we have to call them very late. And they never complaint once.

Even after the transaction is closed, they are still helping us.

Many many times, we told ourselves that we are so lucky to find the hidden gem -- Irene and Gary.

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