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Improving Results

To Premier agents:  Can you share best practices that improve your results?  I kind of hit a wall this past couple of months and haven't been getting the best results, specially when zillow started sending request to multiple agents instead of 1.Thanks,

Question to agents: What are your thoughts on a zip code that all of a sudden becomes avaialble?

My thinking is that if it became avaialbe that means it wasn't working for the last agent?  I have 2 zip codes.  One is working fine.  Lots of leads.  Converted 2 of them.  Trying to convert 3 more.  My other zip code (inappropriate language deleted by moderator).  I'm given the opprotunity to grab another zip code but worried because it's more expensive.  Higher price range in that area as well.  Thanks,

Anyone here getting any business from Zillow? I'm getting less than 1 prospect a week. It's pathetic


Hi All,Just a quick response:WETDAWGS - your going to make me work.  If you have anymore suggestions I would listen to it.SHAWN - paying for service.  I took into account the holiday season.  Maybe it is that slow.NATASHA - 'll check your profile later and compare with mine.  Thanks for the comment.CLAY - adapt or die.  Thanks.MERCEDES - how long before you got a transaction?  How long you with Zillow?  Thanks.CONNIE - thanks for reminding me about the zip codes.SOCAL - thanks.