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10/31/2012 - user51573231
Other home improvement service. Manhattan Beach, CA

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Rat extermination and abatement

Unlike us cops, these guys take no prisoners. We had a rat invasion in our home and after trying to defeat the problem myself for weeks, I succumbed to the realization that I was in need of the help of a professional exterminator. Upon looking up pest control on the net, I read a lot of really great reviews about these guys on this and other referral sites. I called, they came, problem solved! I can see how they got all those great reviews. What I couldn’t accomplish in weeks, using just about everything available to the general public, this pest control company accomplished in one visit to our home! They come highly recommended by me, and even more so by my wife. Having this pest control company out to exterminate the rat infestation was almost as good for our marriage as renewing our nuptials would’ve been, (o.k., maybe a bit of an exaggeration)! Suffice to say we’re BOTH glad that they’re gone. Need an exterminator? I suggest this pest control company  More Less 

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