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Marilyn Gibbons wrote:

Are we getting a good mortgage rate?

As a former mortgage banker and a real estate agent I can tell you if you need the $2,700 for closing then that is your answer.  If you have the $2,700 then go with the 4.19.  Ask for the closing costs on each loan.  Have the lender explain the APR?  Annual Percentage Rate.  Closing costs are considered part of the APR. 
August 25 2011

Please help me stage my living room

My suggestion would be to remove the current art work you have an find some nice prints of scenery that coordinate with one another. This rooms is all about bringing  the outdoors in as you have such wonderful natural light.The plant needs to go. I would put the couch along the wall by the windows, and I would take one chair out of here.  Your lamps need to be aneutral color other then bright white.  Your end tables appear to be very low for the height of your chairs.  Your end tables should be at least the height of the chair arm or just a bit below. Your tables look low. You definitely want to highlight the fireplace here and by having the couch where it is, it hides it.  It is hard to see what is on the other side of this room to see if you can put anything over there.Good luck and when you are done you should show us all new picture.
July 28 2011