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Sr. Property Manager/Realtor, Real Estate Sales Person (14 years experience)

Buyer's Agent,
Listing Agent,
Property Management

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    "Striving to Exceed Your Expectations".
 Property Management is a guest to get Owners and Tenants to place of comfort, both financially and physically. I take great pride in making sure that the tenants are a good match for the homeowners property. Just because a tenant does not have a high credit score, does not mean they will make bad tenants. I have found over the years, that, most people will pay their rent, before they pay anything else. Although there are a few exceptions.
For Property Owners, I take care of issues that may occur.
All of my paperwork is geared to protect both the Tenant and the Property Owner. I am available Mon-Sat from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
I have a team of service people to do repairs, at very reasonable prices.
Let me manage your investments, so you can manage the more important things in your Life.
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