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how would I find out if a home has a FHA mortgage, when all I have is the address.


If you are working through a lender I would have them contact a title company.  The title company (on their system) can pull up the recorded deed of trust or mortgage on the various properties and be able to tell if it has a FHA, VA, or conventional mortgage.  Is your current loan FHA?  Is so, I would recommend that you do an FHA streamline refi and you should not need the information you are requesting for condo approval.You might want to check the guideline about "no more that 10% are allowed".  I believe that the lender guideline is no more than 10% that they have financed.  Not the number of FHA loans total in the community.

is there a section on zillow that walks one through how to find a good lender (i.e. broker, mtg comp


Google your state name adding Housing and Finance Authority, i.e. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.  On the state's bond authority website you should find lots of information and a schedule for homebuyer classes.  In the class they will teach you steps to find a reputable lender, REALTOR, home inspector, etc.  You can also find useful information on, and

where do I see what my home value is


gracie12 information regarding zillow is certainly one of the first places I start to check value.  Next step is to check the value your county shows.However, the value of your home is not an exact science and there is no one single spot you can "see what your home value is".  It is at best the opinion of either an appraiser by means of an appraisal or REALTOR who can offer you a Comparative Market Analysis.  Market value is established by the sale of home that are comparable to your home.

I am a veteran and would like a VA home loan as a first time buyer. What is the process?


My first suggestion would be to attend a first time homebuyer class.  Most states have a bond program that will provide a list of approved classes you can take.  You will learn about the entire homebuying process.  For example, in Colorado you would "Google" Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.  To find your state bond program insert the name of your state.The next step would be to interview a few loan officers, make application, and the lender can order your VA Certificate of Eligibility online.  The lender will also pull your credit report and run your loan application through the Fannie Mae (DO-Desktop Underwriter) or Freddie Mac (LP-Loan Prospector) automated underwriting system.  Your loan officer will be able to tell you within minutes if your application is approved subject to verification of the information you provided.

Signing a Good Faith Estimate


Absolutely not.  A Good Faith Estimate along with the Truth in Lending statment is required by federal law to be give to the customer within 3 days of application.  Your signature on the form is your acknowledgement of receipt of the form. But, we sure to read the statement just above your signature.  Good Faith Estimate forms can vary from lender to lender but the TIL statement is a standard form dictated by law.