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Written about firmfoundationfl on 02/29/2012
Inspection service.

In a rather long search for the right home, Aubrey Kahn did several inspections for us before we finally settled on the right one. Aubrey could not have been more prompt, thorough, or professional on each and every one. He was a god send because we are out of state, and relied heavily on his expertise. He was not only our eyes and ears, he became a trusted friend who helped us beyond the 'job.' We have great respect for both Aubrey's work ethic and Aubrey as a person. We wish we could give him more than 5 stars because he is truly exceptional!

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Written about Wendy Cowan on 08/09/2011
Bought a home in 2009.

Our search for the ‘right’ property for our purposes was anything but quick and easy, as we’re sure Wendy will attest to. There were definite challenges along the way, not the least of which were the recent financial climate changes and how they affected the formerly ‘normal’ processes. Plus, we were dealing with living out of state.

We’re really not sure what forces led us to her or what we did to deserve it, but we are ever so thankful that it happened the way it did.

She has been a true professional every step of the way, available nearly 24/7, going above and beyond, and always with our best interest at heart. A problem or a question only needed a phone call or email to Wendy and she was on it in a flash! We could not have felt more secure, and we always felt as if she were the friend/family member who was there for you, no matter what you needed, whenever you needed it. We always felt that she ‘had our back.’ We honestly don’t know many people who take their work ethic to that level. (She’s a keeper!)

We are very fortunate to have had the benefit of her knowledge, expertise, dedication, and personal integrity. We bought our house based on Wendy''s recommendation and a few pictures. We didn't even see it in person ~ now THAT"S confidence in your agent! We now own the best house in Florida, and it is all thanks to Wendy!

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Response from Wendy on 08/09/2013

Charlotte, You guys were so amazing and patient to work with!! Thank you for listening to me and AVOIDING the fixer upper that had too many potential pitfalls to be a safe property for your daughter. I would never have slept soundly at night if you bought that house. Instead, it shows that patience and diligence won out and not only did you get an AMAZING property in Windermere, I am sure it has more than doubled in value since we bought it! You guys are the best! ~Wendy