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what the zestimate on this home?


Thank you for asking.Once a home is listed it looks as though Zillow no longer does a Zestimate on the home.  This home is built with the highest quality and care.  The owners planned on living there but family matters changed their plans near the end of construction so they decided to sell the home.  Photos do no justice.  A must-see in person.There's even an unfinished "crawlspace" with more than 7' of headroom that could be used as a workshop or excellent storage area.Are you familiar with the island?Should you have further questions or want to schedule a viewing, please call or e-mail.Cheryl Steffen[content removed by moderator for being self promotional]

This is a beautiful home..why does zestimate have such a low price and what would a fair price be?


Because the assessors office has not fully assessed the value of the home as being complete as well as Zillow can't see the amenities this home has to offer such as all the craftsmanship and quality that was put into this home.  It is designed to be virtually maintenance free high quality siding, decking, roofing, windows, etc.  The owners did not intend on selling the home.  Their plans changed just before completion.  Thank you for asking.Cheryl Steffen