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Initially you will save the commission rate which is negotiable typically between 4-6%. But usually you end up leaving money on the table because Realtors are able to draw more buyers in this market and work towards multiple offers and a higher price. Also, you have to be careful with who you let into your home. Realtors who are showing your home have buyers with pre-approval letters and are serious vetted buyers. FSBO buyers are by themselves and could either be real buyers, not show up(which wastes your time), or worse criminals scoping your home. So, while you save the commission rate you can end up losing in the end.

NEED ADVISE???? How much should I rent my home in Mckinney, texas


In Brookview for a home of that size you are looking at approximately $1500-$1550. A realtor would have to see the condition of the home to give an accurate value but tenants are going to be looking for pricing more than updates based upon my experience. 

How to find what school my kids would go to for a given US address?


Each school district typically has a "zone finder" based upon the address of the home. I noticed you had Plano listed... is the link for Plano. and are sites that will tell you the rankings of each school and breakdown. Lots and building a home are going to be very expensive. The lots are going to be slim to none in the areas it sound like you are looking in. It is going to be cheaper to buy a pre-existing built home that may be a spec by a builder or even a couple years old. Building costs have continued to rise but builders do not like having inventory homes.If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me any time. Good Luck!

Would the lack of a separate dining room hurt selling the house later?


Most people buying a home that size are families and want that dining room AND breakfast area. But, there is a movement with builders of taking the dining room away since it is only used a couple times a year...that is where having both areas is vital. There are a couple builders who have gone the route of placing the dining area adjacent and open to the kitchen and living area...I have seen mixed reviews from buyers. Most have the same question you do.

New Agent


I own a RE/MAX office and while we have the stereotype as being team based I give very hands on classes and courses to get agents from the people they know to a sustainable business that continues to regenerate. Also, we do not charge for our classes. Our agents are the top transaction per agents than any other company and it is my job as the broker and owner to make sure you succeed in the business goals you set. Just let me know if you have any questions! Good Luck!

In Plano Tx and surrounding areas is it a seller's or buyer's market?


Technically it is a sellers market due to low inventory but in reality it depends on the home and its condition. Homes that are updated in good condition will have multiple offers and go fast. But, average or needing updating will sit for a bit unless priced to move. Prices have gone up and are predicted to continue to rise for the next year. Also, interest rates and easier lending programs have helped the market as well



I believe a client's Realtor should be someone they are comfortable working with and know that Realtor has your best interest first. I have been a licensed Realtor since 1993 and also the broker and owner of RE/MAX Four Corners. I am not a part-time agent and available 7 days a week. I also have my phone and email on for reliable communication. I have been on the Texas Professional Standards and Ethics Committee since 2008. And lastly, I will work hard for you to get you into the home you want. Call or email me anytime and I would be glad to put my Buyer's Agent services to work for you.