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Refi an underwater FHA loan


You will find plenty of lenders on Zillow that will do an FHA streamline in Michigan.  Try to submit a loan request and see who comes up.

FHA Streamline quick Question

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My guess is that the $500 from close has to do with your loan payoff and intterest on the new loan.  Lenders can't roll in costs or escrows into streamlines without appraisals.  This doesn't sound bad to me.

Name wrong on a 4506T, already closed.. will this be an issue?


The lender you closed with may ask you to fill out a new 4506t if the one you completed was rejected by the IRS. They may pull them after closing but they are looking for amended returns in most cases rather than name changes. I wouldn't be concerned about losing the loan but cooperate if they ask you to complete another 4506t later.

Conventional loan?


You can get conventional PMI with a 646 to 90%.  But check with your lender on the state/county to make sure there are no MI restrictions.  

Closing costs?


For a refinance, and assuming you don't exceed the lender loan to value requirements, then yes you can roll in your closing costs.