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Property Manager (15 years experience)

Property Management

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Presidents Elite Circle Award for Windermere Property Management!!!

Why use Christy Rice and Windermere?

Would you hire a golf pro that didn't play golf? Of course not! Let me assure you that Christy has income properties herself and knows first hand the headaches and worries that go along with an empty house and marginal applicants. She understands the real-world decisions that are part of making a rental work out for everybody.

Since 1999 she has managed everything from 400 unit apartment complexes to single-family homes. What she truly enjoys now is helping people find the tenants they need, and freeing her investors from what she calls tenant-itis. Once you get your vacancy swelling down, you're free to do what you do best - make money! Christy also really likes helping the perfect tenant find the perfect home to rent, seeing that she has made a difference not only for her investor's net worth but for a local family.

Christy and her team at Windermere Property Management can manage your rental home for you: they can list your home for lease, market and show it effectively, find your perfect tenants, and even oversee repairs and maintenance. They know the Eastside housing market, tenant laws, and regional trends. You will receive professionalism in property management on a par with the excellence you've come to expect from Windermere. Contact Christy Rice at Windermere Property Management if you want your rental real estate to become a passive source of income. She has rental properties herself, 13 years of property management experience, and a team with the industry knowledge needed to help you protect and maximize your investment.

Your investment is our priority!

Property Management for single family homes and condominiums:
Bellevue, Medina, Cyle Hill, Enatai, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Newcastle, Sammamish, Microsoft, Seattle, Mercer Island
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10/25/2013 - garundell
Helped me find a tenant for a home I own. Fremont, Seattle, WA

This is the first time we used a property manager for our rental. We were impressed by her friendly manner and her complete professionalism. She pointed out things that needed to be improved without sounding authoritarian or demeaning and had an extremely good eye for detail. She knew the market and neighborhood so were delighted when she said she felt the apartment was worth more than we expected. Now we have a lovely family who appreciates the apartment and all our efforts to make it comfortable for them and more important is taking care of it like a home. We also liked the fact that the paperwork was done properly, in great detail and gave us the confidence that everything should anything unfortunate happen. We will always use Christy for any real estate needs we may have in the future and highly recommend her for anyone needing professional help.  More Less 

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10/24/2013 - d_kissin
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Kennydale, Renton, WA.

We have rented out the house with Christy twice in the past years. She is always prompt, very responsive and goes above and beyond the expectations. Furthermore, Christy makes sure that the tenant you get passes all the quality checks she has in place and adheres to the preferences you communicated to her. Ultimately, she has vast experience to give you sound advice, explaining pros and cons of each decision.

It is a great pleasure to recommend Christy - it is nice to work with such a pro.
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10/24/2013 - elenakissin
Helped me find a tenant for a home I own. Kennydale, Renton, WA

Christy is very professional and dedicated to her clients and work. She has always been available if we needed an advice or help. It has been a pleasure working with Christy and I would highly recommend her!

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Response from Christy on 11/16/2013

Great working with you too! I'm glad we found some great tenants for your beautiful home!


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