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891 Stetson

Sold after 88 days for $505,000. COE-8/29/2008

Additional Costs


Do you mean what would be the closing costs? Normally title & escrow charges are paid by the buyer. Commissions are paid by the seller.Transfer tax is also paid by the seller. Recording fees are part of title fees.Should a buyer wish to conduct any pre-close inspections, those of course would be at their expense.Please call me for more additional questions, or specifics.415-990-9271-CidCid Young REALTOR®, PMN, RRC, SRESKeller Williams San Francisco Properties1500 Franklin StreetSan Francisco, CA 94109(415) 990-9271(650) 728-9271 YOUR real estate needs are MY priority!

Is my 4th bedroom legal?


San Mateo County Planning & Building Dept. phone number is: 650-363-4161Cid Young REALTOR®, PMN, RRC, SRESKeller Williams Realty (415) 990-9271 mobile(650) 728-9271 home office YOUR real estate needs are MY priority!

Is my 4th bedroom legal?


Hi Home owner, If your bedroom has a closet, it is normally considered a bedroom. Sometimes, folks on the Coastside don't bother to go get permits for improvements because it requires a trip over to Redwood City to the County Planning Department.(When you bought your home, was it already there, or did you ad it yourself? If so, was it done with permits? If the county tax database records are wrong, you can call them and ask them the procedure to get it changed. You can make a trip over to the San Mateo County Building Department to see what permits they have on file for your residence, there as well. If they say there was a permit taken out to build a 4th bedroom and you can prove it was built to code, then you can get the county assessor to change their records. Be aware, this may trigger a tax increase, for the added value. (advalorem) Incidentally, most buyers won't care f you have a "Bonus room" or "in-law" unit that is not permitted, as long as you fully disclose that it is not permitted, you're safe. That of course, would depend on if the workmanship was done to code and does not create a fire or health/safety issue for the next buyer (OR you). I sold a home in Pacifica once that had a completely remodeled kitchen for which the permits were never "Finaled". In other words they were taken out but no one ever called the Building Department to schedule a final inspection. When the seller went to sell, the new buyers requested that she pay for a final permit, and the City building inspector came out, looked it over and issued an after-the-fact Final Building inspection permit, Done! So for a fee, you can legalize it as well...should you choose to. The Tax assessor's database may still need to be updated. My own residence shows a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, when in fact I have three full baths, but I never got around to correcting it. If I ever plan to sell, I might. No biggie for now is what I figure.Cid Young (650) 728-9271 REALTOR®, SRES