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thank you for your help. but if not forclosure then how ?

i know you must have read the details with my question . so what would be the best way to go to try to achive my goal. i know it would be a learn as you go project but i am a fast learner. please continue to give me the expert advice ,thank you for your patience. cindy

i want to buy a forclosed home. how?

i seen listed many 20 to 30,000 dollar homes being forclosed on. payment 125.00 to 175.00 can i take over any of these homes with no money down . fix them up and rent them out or do i have to barrow a bunch of money then the payments go up high.i would like to try this if at all possible.

why dont these empty foreclosed homes be rented out?


 Good Question;    don't we all wish we knew rhe answer to that. what i would love to do is take over payments on the forclosed homes put a little TLC in them and then rent them out with the option to buy or a lease to purchase option give people a  chance to own a home that might not ever have the chanceto.they have many were the payments would be .as low as 124.00 a month many just under 200.00  but they would rather them go into forclosure as to let some one do that. i to like you would love to know why . I beleave that some things are worth taking a chance on. and many people are to .. so if any one knows how to help me with my goal please  write me back at cindyljameson  thank you