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The Selling Agent Bonus

SOLD...SOLD..SOLD..SOLD...SOLD The only words anyone wants to here...Hello Mr/Mrs Buyer that house is yours SOLD...Hello Mr/Mrs Seller your house is SOLD..the end all and be all..I was licensed in Florida not active; Housing Authority where I worked liked u to have a license..I was also licensed in NY.. We wanted to sell our house in Florida tried on our own then after a month of tire kickers I listed with a lady I knew through my job little mom shop of her own and yes I offered a $1,000.00 bonus to the selling agent (my idea) best $1,000 I ever spent had about 10 showings that month then an offer great enough to garner that bonus..There were probably 50 plus little ranch homes in my area all for sale all with just about the same to offer..At closing the Top End realtor from *e/*ax that sold my home thanked us personally for the incentive as she was personally handed her BONUS check that she deserved........It works....I would do it again and again and highly recomend it to all..
March 22 2011

My mother is 78 and is selling her home. The real estate co. is charging her 6%. Should it be 3%?

6% is the going rate and we realtors work our tail off to earn it. When I had my personal home for sale I even added a $1,000.00 bonus to the selling agent as my area had so many similar homes I thought it would be a good incentive. Less than 30 days later we had had over a dozen showings and a full price offer in hand!!
February 05 2011

Do you think your job is stressful?

Stress is what you make of it..Just got a great new lsiting on a great little house in a great neighborhood and can't figure out why the wife and kids are buzzing me at 10pm to come up from tweaking my house pics and ad, that night I escaped myself at 1am. As a realtor I guess a good trait is to have some psychology background ( which I dont but I am constantly reading upto 4 or 5 books on it) and to be a little ocd as to do my house pics look good? Is the sign just right how does the add read? Why hasn't that banker called me back with finance sheets?? Do I know every comparable?? The overthinking can get you but in the end you have to be driven and have to have another outlet to let it all go. Run, walk, tread mill, work out, hike, bike, go in the garage and call Walt the postman your neighbor and tell him to get over and have a beer while you wax the daylights out of your car and dont ask him about any estates sales that are coming up on his route listen about his life..always be a good listener and laugh as much as you can. Otherwise the stress can get you, but the adrenaline high from getting a listing or selling a home is the best. I still drive by houses that I have sold to great people and to think that I helped them to get their place is an awesome feeling... Being a real estate agent is the best job ever you just have to multi task like none other..
December 05 2010