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Is it harder now, to sell real estate?


Nationally home prices(not values) soared artificially inflating the market causing an abundance of large square footage homes at a very affordable price. To make matters worse banks became very competitive trying to seize the opportunity and keep up with the competition in utilizing low down payment loan options and higher DTI approvals making people think they could afford their "dream home". . Throw in sub-prime lending and stated income loans and you've got the perfect real estate storm knocking home prices way down. This has people stuck in there home or forced to go with a short sale alternative as they cannot afford or stomach to sell at MARKET VALUE. This is a major contributor to time on market. Homes are still selling but not just any house you throw on the market. It takes some work for the seller to make the home marketable. My biggest advice is this; there are many homes on the market that are move in ready, if you're selling a home take down that wall paper and do anything you can to make your home move in ready. No one wants to buy a home that needs 60 hours of painting and scraping when the one across the street is set up to be comfortable...just move in and relax.  I hope this helps answer your question.Thanks,Clint Spaulding