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My address appears twice. How can the duplicate be eliminated.


Hi:  Zillow operates under the premise of 'owners' of listings.  If your house was ever listed for sale, it is likely the 'owner' of that listing never canceled.  Find out who owns the listing and send them an email asking them to remove it.  If that does not work, contact Zillow customer service directly.Hope this helps.Connie MillerAlain Pinel Realtors[Contact information removed by Zillow moderator]

Remove info on our house that sold off market


Hi "Debbie"  It looks like you are some how connected to David Troyer.  Keeping the sale price off the county record data has to be done when you sign off at the title company.  Precautions are made at that time.  Otherwise, the price gets recorded with the county recorder and Zillow, the newspapers and everyone else picks it up from County Record Data.  I am afraid the cat is already out of the bag.  Next time, tell your agent and escrow officer before sign off, that you want the sales data to remain confidential.Sorry I don't have been news, Connie

How do we find out the value of our homes?


Getting a proper valuation in an instant is about worth the time it takes.  Zestimates can be useful in homogeneous neighborhoods, but if you have unique features to you home it is best to seek the advice of a professional appraiser or real estate broker.  Usually, the best of these professionals can get you something you need in a few days.  If you are considering selling, a reputable realtor will do a market valuation for your free of charge.  Otherwise, you can pay a competent appraiser.  Appraisal fees range from about $400 to $1000 depending upon the appraiser and the size of the home.