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Colleen Gordon wrote:

Professional Photos
Brokers, Agents, Homesellers----  Any Real Estate Professionals- Please STOP taking your own photos!  Some of the photos I see people use advertising others peoples homes for sell KILL me.  Houses half cut off, blurry images, cars in driveways, rooms that you can't even tell the true sizes of, bathrooms that you can basically just see the sink and a mirror?  Really????  And people pay you for this?  OR how about having maybe 3 pictures?  Do you realize this hurts your SEO?  
March 12 2013

NEED HELP!!!!! I am a new real estate agent seeking a great company/broker that I can join

It scares me when anyone says training is overrated..  I say it is underrated.  Keller Williams is not only a great company to work for, but has great training, technology, high achieving agents and moral values.  Something to consider.
March 12 2013