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    Welcome to You.  I am Margarita Corea. I will be happy to help you, your family and your friend finding Nice property to live. I am hard working giving 100 % to my clients. I am responsible, dedicate, patient, and persistent.  I will put my interest above all of you. I am more than your Agent. I am your friend. You have the right to be represented by someone who will be your Agent without giving you cause to worry about it.  As your Agent I will understand your concerns and will help you find the best deal.  Don't waste time with other Agents don't answer your call or are not giving you the personal time you need. !!CONTACT ME NOW!!  I am qualified with FHA, VA, Conventional, and Cash. I work all area of Florida especially Broward and Dade.  I will very much enjoy working with you.  !~.~!  (*.*)  !^.^! 


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