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Property Management

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We provide full-service Property Management services to Landlords in greater Hartford, CT area from $29.00 flat monthly fee, that includes FREE renting of your vacant units, handling any repairs, tenant calls, landscaping, snow removal, rent collections, accounting, bookkeeping, etc...

Our staff members can help you SELL or to BUY your new home or investment property anywhere in Connecticut.

We also provide BUYERS with financing options at the best market rates.

Please visit: for more details, and updated information. You can also CALL 860-237-8097 anytime to inquire about any of our services.

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05/05/2014 - peterflorkoski
Helped me rent a home.

I called about a rental unit in a condo complex. The "property manager" wanted me to call his current tenant and do all the scheduling. He also wanted the current tenant to show me the place instead of going himself. When I arrived there were 53 units in the complex. The property manager told me it was number 56...The place was a complete wreck with the picture taken several years earlier. Very dissatisfied having wasted my time.  More Less 

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04/22/2014 - zuser20140417123305740
Did not respond to my inquiry in Newington, CT.

Wouldn't respond to me, I keep constantly trying to get ahold of them. I prefer emailing and I kept getting same respond saying please call. and I tried calling, and no one is answering.

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03/10/2014 - JustMaria
Did not respond to my inquiry in Barry Square, Hartford, CT 06106.

I don't understand how a company with so many great units fails to respond to serious inquiries. I can't help but wonder if properties are aware of this? I have tried countless times to reach someone at Cosmopolitan Realty Group about several properties and either the voicemail is full and I couldn't leave a message, or when I was able to leave a message I never heard back. It's disappointing because I see these great units and when I check the contact information it's this agency and I know I won't get a response.  More Less 

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