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Written about Jason Lewis on 11/05/2014
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $500K in Elk Grove, CA.

I would highly recommend Jason Lewis to anyone who is looking to sell their house. Jason was recommended to me by my trusted local real estate agent whom we knew well. Since I lived more than 100 miles from the house, I needed to find a trustworthy and reliable agent that would be able to take care of everything for me to get the house sold asap. Jason was that guy! From the moment I handed him the keys to the house, he took care of everything for me and got the house sold, and I mean EVERYTHING, including getting the necessary repairs done to sale the house to getting the house staged to finding the best buyer for the house. His knowledge and expertise is clearly evident in everything he does and says. Having worked with Jason, I can honestly say that he is also one of the most easygoing professional I have met. Thank you so much, Jason, for making this super easy and stress-free! It was a real pleasure to have worked with a true professional like Jason Lewis.

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Written about Michael Ramos on 12/10/2011
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Sunnyvale, CA

I have contacted Mr. Ramos to ask for his help in writing up an offer. I had to call him several times before he returned my call. When he did finally call, he stated that he is busy and would not be available to meet on weekends. His tone of voice was unprofessional and made me feel that he is doing me a favor if he were to help me write up an offer! My husband and I were genuinely interested in making a fair offer on a house that is listed with him, and because of his rude attitude we decided to find a different house instead.

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Response from Michael on 08/01/2013

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for me. Any feedback that I can use to better myself is appreciated. From my recollection, you wanted to make an offer on a home that I had listed and I advised you that it would be best to find a Buyer's Agent that would work exclusively for you. Because I was the Listing Agent, I did not feel that I could provide the best service to you without jeopardizing the relationship with my Seller. We spoke about my listing a few times, and I was unable to meet with you that weekend because I was already committed to holding my listing open. I apologize for the miscommunication regarding the situation, and I hope that you were able to find an agent (and a home) that better suited your needs. Thank you again for your review, and I will work on communicating things more clearly.