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Harvard MBA and Realtor(R), California

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Christina Woo, Harvard MBA and Realtor®

With over 20 years of business experience, I bring a unique perspective and set of skills to support my clients in achieving their aspirations.  Some career highlights include:

•      Bain & Company: strategy consultant in San Francisco and Hong Kong; I can diligently analyze a situation and explain concepts clearly and concisely.

•      Morgan Stanley: Vice President of equity research; my research coverage included industries tied to the mortgage and real estate markets.

•      The Boston Consulting Group: consultant and recruiter; I refined my sales and negotiations skills.

•      UC Berkeley Extension: personal financial planning instructor; concurrent with other jobs, I taught about investments, taxation, and retirement planning for a decade.  I can break down complex concepts so they are easy to understand and help you think about the financial benefits of buying and selling real estate. 

I received my MBA from the Harvard Business School and my BA from UC Berkeley.  A San Francisco native, I graduated from Lowell High School.

When I'm not attending open houses and serving clients, I enjoy helping my two young children with craft projects, debating with my husband about where to get the best bowl of pho, and pushing myself to run farther and faster. 

Helping others is my passion.  Let's talk about how I can harness my skills, market knowledge, and enthusiasm to serve you.

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03/04/2014 - PeterHowley
We connected, but it did not work out.

Christina is outstanding at calculating the true and fair value of properties, understanding the counter-party's incentives and needs, and negotiating hard on a client's behalf. I did not move to the Bay Area after all but felt like I was in the hands of an expert when Christina worked with me.

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02/25/2014 - jeremy_milk
Sold a Other home in 2013 in South Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Christina gave excellent advice based on extensive knowledge of the local real estate markets. She seemed to know every data-point and statistic, and had been to every house personally - with her, you're getting an agent who brings a ton of facts and insights to the table to serve you.

She was also great at helping me think about important details that I hadn't been thinking about - in my case, thinking about how I could generate positive cashflow as a rental if I were to outgrow the property, and timing selling after primary residency in order to avoid capital gains taxes. She explained this type of complicated stuff in a way that was super clear, giving me more comfort and confidence.

She's also on email 24/7, REALLY. When I emailed her, she responded thoroughly quickly.
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02/24/2014 - BrianChen88
Showed home in 2014 in South Bay, FL.

Christina is not only a skilled real estate professional, but she is an industriously hard working, personable and responsible professional. What I think sets her apart from other agents is aside from her abilty to understand the wants and needs of her customers, her innate ability to negotiate, but Christina has a strong sense of finance. Whether you are looking for a personal home or an investment, Christina can really assist as a financial advisor in a variety of ways. It is truly one of her added values as a real estate professional in the South Bay. She is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of home buying and investing and based on other's recommendations, I can tell you I have not been disappointed at all.

It is also good to note that Christina grew up in the Bay area, so she is highly familiar with the many changes of the neighborhoods and the intricate pockets of specialized areas that may be of interest to certain buyers.
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